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Today is my 1 year aniversary


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One year ago today, I was in my Cutaneous Onc's office waiting for the final dx. I had already had most of the tests but no confirmation.

It was confirmed that my mass was cancer, but at that time we didn't know if the mass was mets from a melanoma I had 1 year prior or primary Lung cancer.

Soooo the same day I went to thorasic surgeon. I had been told by the Cutanious doc. that if the mass was melanoma they would not operate. When I went to the surgeon, I told him that I didn't care if the mass was melanoma or not, I wanted it out of me. The surgeon said "well so do I". By Gods grace the surgeon had just had to cancel a surgery for someone that was scheduled for 2 days from then, so he had an opening.

Needless to say, I had the surgery on Aug 5th.

The mass was primary lung cancer, but had spread to mediastinal lymph nodes so I was stage IIIA.

Anyway, I survived Melanoma surgery(had to have my right heel removed), lung surgery, radiation, chemo. and still ready to fight anything that comes my way.

God is great and He is with all of us!

Love all of you,


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Wow, Barb!

Just an amazing testimony to Faith, Strength, and Attitude. Girlfriend, you do more than rock!

Have I ever told you what amazingly handsome boys/men you have?

Here is to another year. This round is on the house!

Big, Big congratulations to you and your family!

Cindi o'h

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what a lot you've come through, you are a miracle of resiliance and strength! prayers for your continued success in the face of the beast.

:lol: cindi, I'm so glad you said first what I was thinking, although my version of it was

"dude, her sons are hot!" :o



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I had no idea you went through all of that. You certainly are an inspiration. You were a fighter from day one and nothing is going to get you down. I love your courage and your spunk. I can tell you are a take charge person who gets things done. That beautiful family of yours must be so proud of you. I love that picture of all your 5 (bless you) sons around you. Priceless!!

A specail toast to you dear lady, at Cindi's tonight.

Cindi, set em up, we have to toast a special lady on the 1st anniversary, with so many more to come.

Way to go Barb!!


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