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Now 5 years....


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I am now officially five years post diagnosis, post radiation, will be 5 years post surgery end of August,and post last chemo on Halloween.

This is as close to a miracle as I'm going to get.

Pancoast tumors are rare; the recent stats shows the combination I received 1-2-3 to be effective. They just don't have data past 48 months.

Thank you, Dr. Schrump, my nimble fingered surgeon. Thank you, Dr. Sotos, my oncologist, Thank you, Dr. Holden, my pulmonist, Thank you, Liz Augustine, my physical therapist for over a year.

AND Thank You, dear Lord. I have seen my youngest learn to read, develope a sense and style all her own; I have seen my oldest start to date, arrive in high school, contemplate college.

I know You have something for me to do as I am still here, and while I'm waiting I'll gladly suffer the shrinking stature, the scoliosis and assorted bone and hypertension problems that come with the pain of surviving the thoracotomy and removal of a massive tumor.

I'll pray for those who have gone before me, and for those who will come after me.

And I will live each day, enjoy the birdsong, and the color of the sky.

I will always remember in my prayers those members of my spiritual family here at LCSC.

Love and prayers to you all,



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Love and prayers back to you mhutch, aka MaryAnn! Suffering some pain and change in our bodies is insignificant when compared to the opportunities you have been afforded....seeing your daughters growing into young women!

I, for one, am ecstatic over this news. You are one in whose footsteps I humbly walk.

I wish you many more years of excellent reports and scans. I want to be right behind you.

And, MaryAnn, as ALWAYS, thank you from me. You, my dear friend, will be FIRST on my list when I post 5 years!



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Way to go, what wonderful news.

By the way, a couple of weeks ago I followed a convertible with the top down, a dog was standing on the front seat with it's head over the windshield and it's ears were just flapping in the wind...........it was your avatar in real life, same color dog and all.

I stayed behind it instead of passing just to watch that dog's ears and thought of you the whole time.

So glad for your good news


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As you may have read on another ribbon, August the sun filled month is great for lung cancer surgery and survival! So happy for you. So much to celebrate! So happy to know you as a fellow Pancoast Tumor Survivor! May we celebrate 15,20 25 yrs etc of survival. Donna G

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Five Years!!! OUT A SIGHT! That just rocks -- it's so good to hear good news like that, particularly after the depressing (but badly needed)media blitz we've had over the past few days, not to mention the plight of so many of our good friends here. I'll hoist one to you over at Cindi's.


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Cannot tell you how inspiring it is to me to see another 5 year survivor! For all those who are recently diagnosed, YOU are one to look to for hope. I am so glad that you and Miss Kasey got together and that you were able to get her going in a good direction! God Bless you and your family! Yes, dear. I feel He has something special planned for you as well. Just being a good momma is quite a lot!

C'mon with Don Wood to the pub to hoist a few of your favorites! This calls for a good celebration!


Cindi o'h

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