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Prayers for FayA and Andrea's Mom

Connie B

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Hi Fiends,

I just wanted to ask you if you could ALL take a minute to offer a prayer for our FayA and for Andrea's mom.

They are both still in the hospital.

Has anyone heard from FayA?

Andrea's mom is having some very bad pain. Please keep them both in your prayers.

Thank you,

Love & Hugs,


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Thanks everyone! You are right bunny, her name is Marsha :) It is odd that her pain is starting now. They said in ICU they gave her less pain meds than the average patient. Maybe it has to do wtih the healing and radiation damage, who knows.

As for Fay A, I spoke to her briefly yest and she is in a regular room. Not sure when she will come home or what next step will be.

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Prayers still being sent to both. But it looks like Fay A should be coming home soon according to her posts. She sould really good.

As for Andrea's mom. I pray her mom gets on the road to recovery soon and starts to feel like herself again.


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