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Brian's update for Aug. 25


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Labs, onc visit, chemo scheduled for today.


We are home already. No chemo for Brian. His counts are too low and he is too weak.

I have shots to give him everyday for a few days and they will try again next week.

We have mixed emotions. It is good that he will not be spittin' up and randomly having things running amok at the 'other end' for this weekend. It is bad that the tumors that are growing so aggressivly will have another week to get a jump on us.

I am just really trying to use AA skills to turn this whole thing over. I am overwhelmed. Brian is bummed and a bit frightened by the whole thing.

Anyway, as always, thanks for being here for us and for caring about us.



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Hi Pat.

So sorry things are looking bleak today.

Remembering and using your program skills is a wise decision. You did not go through all of that pain to come out the other end with nothing to show for it!

AA slogans...

Let go and let God

One day at a Time

what are some others?

love, Cindi o'h

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Pat, sorry things didn't go well this morning. What type of injections are you going to give him? I gave Dennis two rounds of something that starts with Neu..

and they worked miracles for his counts! Just hand in there, friend! You and Brian have your own private cheerleaders here and we're all yelling you on and saying lots of prayers!

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Pat and Brian,

Thanks for the update. I'm so sorry to hear Brian is feeling so weak. I do know that there have been times when Mike had a delay in treatment due to counts and the onc said it didn't make that much difference . It happens all the time. Just remember he does have the chemo in his system. It would be so much worse to continue on and further lower his counts. I'm praying for lots of strengthening this week and raised counts so that he will be ready to get back to it next week.

Love and Prayers,


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Oh Pat and Brian,

Not the news I was hoping to read today. I agree that you should try to summon up the strength to see this as a "blood count healing" time so you can better help the chemo fight the bad stuff. Jim gave himself Procrit and Neupogen shots (I could barely watch but he said it didn't hurt!). They can help.

Brian, perhaps sharing a big ice cream sundae and funny movie with your best girl would be a wonderful date this week-end? Or, just lying around on the sofa is pretty neato too.

Thinking about both of you,


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Bri....you give yourself those shots (Neupogen, I'm presuming) and then see how the counts look next week. Only a week won't make a huge difference.

Do you get Procrit or Aranesp too, for the red cells. How are your platelets?

You must not be low enough to require transfusions...and that's a good thing, although getting the t-fusions really brings the #'s up fast. Red cells, hgb and hct, that is.

I get Neulasta the day after I finish each chemo cycle. Just one shot every three weeks....so not the daily shots like you have to do w/ Neupogen. Why not ask Bri's onc about Neulasta?

Meanwhile, our little Brat Pack of Two...you know you have every good vibe and wish of mine for Bri to feel better soon and get back on the chemo.

You know...sometimes I find bowl of vanilla with caramel sauce SO therapeutic. Bri...do you like caramel? :wink:

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Pat and Brian,

As you already know, you are in our prayers EVERY day. Today, I just have no words to express my feelings upon hearing this news.

The feeling of wanting to be able to do something to make someting better...and knowing that cannot be is causing major frustration.

So can only pray that your spirits do not sink lower and that you may find comfort with each other at this time until counts are up again and the fight can continue.



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Pat and Brian,sorry it's not a good day and that your not feeling up to par.

Don't worry about taking a little chemo break.Sometimes it does more good than a person imagines.Besides the chemo that's already in there keeps on working for a good while so it's not like there isn't something in there killing the cancer cells.

Alittle rest,get the counts up and then give it what for again.

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oh, my honeys. I hear how disappointed you are and I am sorry. it is a mixed, bag, isn't it.

since Cindi asked: another good AA slogan for you right now is probably "EASY DOES IT, BABYCAKES" (alright I added the babycakes 8) ). Relax, take it easy, have faith, let us love both of you into being strong enough to manage whatever comes next.

Another relavant Bill-ism is that god does for us what we can not do for ourselves - I guess you just needed another week, Brian. Ry's right, the chemo may have been just too much right now.

REMEMBER - you are Superman and Wonder Woman!!!! You can handle it!!!

love and hugs to you, from your friend

bunny (xoxo)

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