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Good Thougths and Prayers for Cindi O


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Ditto...Ditto...Ditto !!! These dittos are for everything above...prayers, hugs, good luck...just can't match those wet baby kisses that Carolyn sends. But...I can send some pretty neat wet, slobbery Golden Retriever puppy kisses!!!

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I ain't no dummy!

I am bringing my laptop! I can't just lie there all day high on god knows what!

I am going to bug all of ya'll while I am there!

I will be fine. I will be good.

Only thing is the doc said I can't drive for a week afterwards and I will have restrictions on lifting. These are things that quake the imaginings of my independence.


Cindi o'h

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Cindi, Cindi,

Hope you will be feeling all the warm hugs and support going into that hospital with you. I sure wish I could be there to do some of the driving and lifting for ya, girl! You better LISTEN too. When they say NO driving...that's what they mean! A week isn't THAT long.

Glad you have a laptop to take to keep us all up to date on how your misbehaving is being received :roll: !!!

Take lots of love with you too.


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I hope your hospital stay is short and sweet. I feel sure the surgery will be fine but I have all of my fingers and toes crossed just in case.

Now to important matters. Who is going to keep the bar open while you are away?

I can have it at my house but they'll have to BYOB. We live in a dry county and about all we keep is wine.

Keeping you and Fay in my prayers.


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