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Dare I say this?


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He is feeling very good. Bill began to perk up late Sunday and even more yesterday. This morning he says he feels very good. I'm taking the afternoon off and heading home to take advantage of these good days and this beautiful weather. All I can say is that I really feel like we owe this to all of you and all of your prayers! Four days and counting...

Love to you all!

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I had been thinking and wondering how you two were doing. What great news!!!!!! Hip Hip Hoooooraaaay!

I think you are doing just what the doctor ordered..taking the afternoon off work to just enjoy each other. Perfect!

Hope you having a wonderful day. :D


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I just ate two miniature Milky Way caramels and drank a grape soda in your honor!! :D So happy to hear that Bill has perked up...which in turn has perked your spirits, I know, Beth.

Take full advantage of all such good days. Makes no sense to do anything else, does it?

Hope this continues indefinitely...that he just keeps feeling good! 8)

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Beth, you sound like you are whispering...like you are going to jinx it. No Way...

He is going to get better and better and will be fine for the wedding.

I want to see pictures. :D


PS. I told you, I knew in my heart that he would perk up.

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