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Getting to Know You - September 22


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My homemade mac and cheese.

I start a white cream sauce...............just before it goes into the oven I crush potato chips on top.

It is so good......................

I have gained 5 pounds by thinking about it.


my home made potato salad.

Where is Dr. Atkins when I need him?


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Okay, that's it, I can't take it anymore! I'm checking flights to Chicago and then will rent a car and drive to Rockford. Pat, judging by all of the responses, it sounds like you will need to make ALOT of the mac and cheese. If you could make just a small pile of mashed potatos, I like to eat them with my mac and cheese.

Okay, I'll rent a Hummer and I think we could shove about 50 of us in to it at the airport. We should be able to get to Pat and Brian's in maybe an hour?

Oh, Pat, I forgot. Would you mind? Or more importantly, would Brian mind? Please tell him that we'll share your mac and cheese with him and we won't stay long. We'll do the dishes.

Get your oven warmed up!


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Braum's peppermint ice cream.

Whenever I get 'that look' on my face, my husband says that he "hears the call" of Braums, and will go out and get some for me. On a waffle cone, of course. And if he happens to get something for himself while he's there...all the better.

Though that mac & cheese is sounding good. WE need it in the recipe book!

:) Kelly

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Set another place at the table, Pat!

While I'm waiting for the mac and cheese, I'll "comfort" myself with a bowl of homemade mashed potatoes with a ladel full of my mom's gravy in the middle.

I shouldn't read this stuff before bedtime! Thank goodness I have none of the necessary ingredients in the house and it's a half hour drive to the nearest grocery store!


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