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OK Everybody to Cindi's Pub


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YESSSSSSSS Joanie! What a wait, but it was worth it for the wonderful news!

Now, passss tha' boddle oer hereee, will ya'...(I've been here all night with Snowflake and Cindi apparently isn't worried about continuing to supply us with more...and I rarely drink!)

Great news Joanie!


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Oh Joanie!!!!

I am feeling so good for you right now that I am actually crying! Yep! For some reason I am feeling rather emotional this AM. I agree with you that NO one should suffer this disease. It just has to be the worst!

I have been here in the pub since Snowflake's celebration...so maybe that accounts for my mood. At any rate, I am up for another drink of anything to celebrate with you. THANK YOU, Joanie for this news today.


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