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very long weekend

Don M

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Hey, dude, you're going to love it! Congratulations on your retirement. Take your time but do get involved with some things you love to do. But you also have to exercise saying, "No." or you'll be all busy up again.

Yep, you shop and run errands during the week instead of the weekends to avoid the crowds. Nice!

You have time to travel and see other places. Nice!

You have time to do the things you always said you wanted to do but didn't find the time. Nice!

Get the picture that I have enjoyed retirement? Yep, 13 years now. Lovin' it! Enjoy! Don

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Wow! Let's see. Kasey has lined you up for cards, Pat has you baby kissin', T'Ann is meeting up with you at Cindi's pub and Don has you taking over all of the errands........hmmmmm....sounds like you are going to be really busy.......ENJOYING THE HECK OUT OF RETIREMENT!!!! What a nice milestone in life!



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Thanks everybody; this for Betty; I used to work for the U.S. Forest Service as a Forest Technician. I have 29 years and 11 months of Federal Service. I wanted to wait a few more years to retire, but I could not effectively do the physical aspect of my job anymore. I used to be able to huff and puff cross country right up steep hills, but now, no matter how much I suck the air in, it is not enough. A buyout opportunity came my way, and so I took it. It will pay down my debts enough so I can make in on my retirement income. I intend to enjoy it. I feel good about it. I can still hike on trails.

Don M

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