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It's Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


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So good to read your post,

you got me laughing, I was in the

hospital end of October and got dehydrated

and had to use the bed pan every half hour

without help, now I have a very sore shoulder

and need massages for it, at least you got the

newer treatment and no pain to go with it, drink

and be merry, all liquid drip out in the tube.

Keep the addie tude and all will go well.

Lots of love


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I gotta tell you, Addie, when I was growing up, great-grandmother and grandmother used the word puss to describe either our faces or our mouths. Sour puss. Wipe that puss. Etc. I wonder if that is what your mom meant too.. or was that just my family?

Here i go intellectuallizing on something that doesn't need it... :roll:

Anyway, wipe something that starts with a "P"... either way, it is a very good thing.

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Addie, I'm glad to see the Additude is not even cracked, let alone broken! :D Also glad that basketball has gone where it's supposed to go. :shock: AND I'm very thankful that the P.T.A. mystery was cleared up by the time I read this. A person could go nuts trying to think of all the possibilities! :?

Thinking of you and praying you're feeling better by the hour. Meanwhile, since you're in there, keep giving those hospital workers something to talk about! :wink:


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Great, now I have bad country soungs running through my head

My "baby" did his undergrad in Nashville. The Christmas of his freshman year I found him a book of the best Country song titles or lines.

The title of the book was, "You're the Reason Our Kids are Ugly"~!! :roll::lol:

On an episode of the Simpsons once....a female C&W "star" sang her big hit...."Don't Look up my Dress, Unless You Mean It"!! :wink:

Should we break this out and start a thread of Bad Country Song Lines??? Or would that be too frivolous, even for ME on Decadron? :wink: (Okay...it's infused.....not oral...but I'm getting 16 mgs daily, you know :shock:

Whaddaya think?

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This is all I could find on lyrics for that song, Addie and Cindi:

This is from a website: http://fctvplus.net/~cdzingg/lucinda/news6-24-01.html

After playing several songs from her current album "The Captain," Kasey asked the crowd, "Do you like country music?" (Roaring approval from the audience.) She then began a humorous conversation about Nashville and all the "rules" you have to follow in the mainstream country world: "Country songs have gotta be about love, someone's gotta die in every country song, it's gotta be sad and you have to mention Texas in every country song." This rap was very reminiscent of the spoken word passage and final verse of David Alan Coe's "You Never Even Called Me By My Name" in which the song's composer, Steve Goodman, strives to write the "perfect" country song. Kasey continued, "That doesn't sound very hard, I thought, I can do that, write myself a #1 country hit. So I tried it out and this is what I've come up with- I've only got a chorus after 7 years, but I'm gonna try it out on you anyway:"

Don't look up my dress unless you mean it,

Don't you put your hand upon my thigh,

Before you stick that in you'd better clean it,

I hope I go to Texas when I die.

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