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A blessing to share with all...

gerbil runner

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Thank you all so much for your well-wishes and prayers. It means more to my dad and me than you can know.

The major reason I have not been posting on the situation with my mother is because there has been a major happening, very beautiful yet personal. I did not feel I had the right to share this story before. Now, however, my mother has been able to share enough for me to feel comfortable with telling the story.

After my mother had gotten over the worst of the anemia, I came to visit one day. I brought Kyle, my oldest son, to have a trumpet lesson with my dad. Mom and I were alone in her room. That day in May, she told me she had given up a baby boy for adoption when she was 16 years old. This son had found her after 4 years of searching.

So I learned that I have a brother, Patrick, who lives in Florida. What a surprise for an only child!

Since that time, Patrick has visited twice. My mother has reunited with the baby she gave up for adoption, and the two grandchildren (including her only grand-daughter!) whom she had never known. Patrick and his wife, Gigi, have visited us, given back the gift of music to my mother, and become a real part of the family. As an only child, to me this is a gift beyond measure.

My mother's parents (especially her mother) would never have been able to see Pat and his family as part of OUR family. And even my mother said she's not sure if she would have had the guts to have a relationship with him had she not been so ill.

Pat and his family are very grateful to have met his mother. I am so happy to know I have a big brother. Maybe we didn't get the miracule cure we were hoping for, but Bellringer, my father and I have been very blessed.

December 10th is my parents' 40th wedding aniversary. Maybe she will be with us, maybe not. At any rate, we will all know that we have fought the good fight, and bellringer will have earned her place in heaven.

Thank you for your prayers. I pray for you as well.

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Hi Jen,

What a blessing that was for your mom and you. Wow a big brother along with neices and nephews after all this time.

This has made a difference for you mom. I am so happy for her.

I pray for a miracle for her. But she certainly had her own miracle meeting her the son which she probably thought she would never see.

What a touching story the certainly was good news.


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Thanks for sharing. Your mother must have loved this baby so much for she gave him life and allowed another to raise him. I am so happy that she got to meet her son all grown up and to see what a good decision she made years ago. Happy you got to meet him. Donna G

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What a wonderful story. I know this will bring a lot of comfort to your mom right now. I am adopted and I remember the day I met my biological mother. Your story brings back so many memories for me. I'm so glad you have a big brother. It's a wonderful feeling to be "connected" to other people in life. I am saying prayers that your mom is able to enjoy a beautiful 40th anniversary on December 10th.

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I am very happy that they found each other before she passed. What a wonderful comfort to her to know he grew up ok. We recently had a similar experience with my Aunt. When she passed away her son that had been searching for her found her via the death certificate. Her children now have a new brother.

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Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story - it truly IS a blessing! I was adopted, too. I had the blessing of finally meeting my birth Dad (my "other" Dad, referred to in my profile) during the final days of his battle with LC. My life was so blessed in that short time...

I'm SO very happy, for your Mom, and ALL of you. Praying that you may all enjoy peace, and love in the days ahead, and a lovely 40th Anniversary!


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