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Prayer Request for Joanie - Daggiesmom


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This is Brian, Joanie's husband. Joanie started coughing up blood over the weekend. It was periodic and a small quantity at first but when it didn't stop, we contacted her doctor who directed her to go to the hospital.

Joanie is currently in the MICU unit at Beth Israel. The good news is that there is still no sign of the disease returning; however, there is a fistule in her lung that was/is bleeding.

The doctors performed intervention radiology surgery on Monday to try to stop the bleeding. (i.e., inserting a camera and tools into an artery, sending them to the lung, sealing the bleeders.) Some bleeding continued afterwards so they repeated the procedure again yesterday. There was still more blood after they transferred her back to MICU last night but they said it might be residual, not new. That is our fervent hope since, if there is evidence of new bleeding, they will likely have to remove a portion of her lung. That discussion & decision will take place this morning.

Please keep Joanie in your prayers and thoughts as she faces this major crisis. I know that she loves this community and thought that you would want to know what is happening. I'm heading back to the hospital now but will provide updates as I can. I can be reached at bcaffrey@nyc.rr.com

Hellofa first post, eh? Hopefully, I'll be back with good news before too long. Thanks for your support.


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Thanks for letting us know. The power of prayer is amazing. I am so sorry that this happened. Let Joanie know ,we love her tremendously and we are praying for a quick recovery.



"The Lord is my stength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him..." Psalm 28:7

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Brian thank you so much for posting on our friend Joanie. She is loved here so much. Let her know that we are sending prayers out to her and we want her healthy and back here ASAP.

Hang in thers Brain, as this must be so difficult for you also.

Joanie is an inspiration here and quite a story teller. We will miss her absence here.

Hurry and get well, Joanie!!


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Thank you, Brian, for letting all of us who love Joanie know this news. You know we all will be praying only for the most positive results. In fact, hopefully by the time you read this, that residual bleeding will have stopped on its own and she will feeling much better. That is MY prayer anyway.

Joanie has been such an inspiration here...and especially helpful to me. I was concerned the last few posts when she was mentioning not feeling quite 'right'.

I will be waiting so anxiously for your update. Tell her we are loving her up from afar!


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Brian, I agree that this is one helluva way to be "inducted" into our wonderful family here at LCSC. I am so very glad that you let us know this news about our friend Joanie. One heck of a gal you have there. Be sure and take very special care of her and let her know we're thinking of her and saying lots and lots of prayers.

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Thanks for informing us about Joanie. She is an inspiration to all of us especially to me. I will definitely keep her in my prayers. I hope they can stop the bleeding. It sounds like they have everything under control. Please keep us updated.



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