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This may make no sense.

I am now 72 hours w/ no sleep.

Bri is in horrible pain. This is new and it is very weird.

His right shoulder is aching horribly. He has 'belly pain' to the right of his navel and radiating. He said the pain is so bad that he can't tell if it is like pulled muscles or ?????????????

He can't get comfortable in bed and he can't move about at all.

When he walks to the bathroom he is nearly doubled in half w/ the pain.

When he lies still and flat on his back w/ no pillow he can tolerate it.

The pain meds are not touching it.

We are not set up w/ hospice yet and so have to get hold of our onc. Bri would not let me call last night be cause he said he hurts so badly he is not able to 'go' anywhere.................He is in agony.

I am just so glad we have today before the holiday, at least I feel like we have a chance to get him cared for.............

How much can one human being suffer????

Please don't stop praying.


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I hope the onc can do something about his pain today. I really think you need to call hospice today -- not to come--I know you want to wait till after the holiday. I think you need to call and have it set up to start on Monday. Hospice nurses are excellent with pain management and keeping someone comfortable. I think you need the help. Please post later and let us know how he's doing.

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(((Pat and Brian)))

All the good recommendations for action have been made by others. This would be almost beyond endurance if you were rested, but with no sleep, it's more like enduring torture. I am so, so sorry this is your experience right now.

Sending all prayers that help will arrive and Brian's pain will go away.


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Pat, please take Ry's advice and call today. Brian needs to be pain free and you need to get some rest. If you get sick, who will care for Brian? Honey, I know it is hard to make the call to begin Hospice. They may have to work you into their schedule. Maybe if you call today, they can be there for you on Monday. They also have to order meds. In our case, the meds were shipped directly to our house. They could get a lot of the necessary things done ahead of time and be ready to start next week. Honey, please remember to take care of yourself.

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Guest Lensiedel


I am so sorry to hear of Brian's pain. Bruce was in excruciating pain toward the end. He was on extremely high doses of pain killers and they weren't touching it. He began taking valium, and that seemed to help. He had a large tumor near his liver. He described it as having charlie horses in his stomach. It seemed to be muscle spasms. The spasms continued, but they became less severe and less frequent.



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I missed your post until just now.....

You need to get help Pat. I can't imagine the mental state you are in without sleep for 72 hours. Not to mention the pain of watching Brian so miserable.

I hope you were able to get ahold of someone last night or this morning..and that they have some type of relief for Brian.

Please, please let us know how you both are doing.

Warm Hugs,


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Dearest Pat,

I know everyone has been telling you how wonderful hospice is. Well, they are and that could help you tremendously. There are different hospices for your particular needs. Take a little time today to call around to get help on Monday.

I am so worried for you as you have not slep and that certainly is not good. You must somehow get some rest so you can be refreshed to help Brian.

I know you are trying to have a good Xmas for the kids and that is fine, but you must let the children help you through this. I know that is what they would want to do. You cannot keep doing this on your own and you must get sleep.

I pray today they can get Brian the meds that will work. No one should be in that much pain, they have to control this.

Keep that faith in G-d and let him lift you up.

I am going to do a special mediatation pray for Brian now.

Please know we are all around you giving you hugs and strength which you desperately need.


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Just another voice chimming in to suggest you call hospice right away! They will take care of his pain. You need to rest so you can be there for him and he needs the relief ASAP. Waiting until after the holidays just may mean he is in this sort of pain all through the holidays. Please, please call them right away.

You are both in my prayers

God Bless you,


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I do think the time is right to ask for some help. You KNOW all our prayers are with you and for you at this time. I am certain I speak for just about everyone here when I say I wish I were closer to offer you respite for some much needed rest.

May your faith and trust sustain you...and may you receive the assistance so needed at this time.

So much love and so many prayers are in my heart and on my lips at this time.



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Praying hard for a resolution to Brian's pain. My Dad had the same pain, the pain med's couldn't touch it either. The only relief came from a Dilaudid shot, given in the hospital every three hours. None of the pain pills nor the patch nor morphine helped, but the Dilaudid shot did. Please call hospice today. They can help with the pain and Brian deserves to be pain free. Much love to you.


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oh, honey. I just saw this and I am lost. you HAVE to get some help, for Brian and for you. I pray his pain gets under control sooner, rather than later. Pat, let your family there, friends, whoever, rally around you (or MAKE them). you HAVE to get some rest.

we will never, ever stop praying. I just wish I could do something. I can only imagine how helpless and lost you feel. we love you both, and are at your side. make sure Brian knows, too.



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