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Riding in on Ann coat tails


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Now that Ann has shared her wonderful news, I need to chime in here too.

I also got engaged over the holidays to my sweetheart. Mike and I were high school sweethearts, went our seperate ways and then met up again a while back. One of those episodes from the Maury show.

Thanks for posting your news Ann, it gave me my in to post mine... :)

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Yes Cindi, he cooks, does dishes, does the laundry, changes oil in the car, gives me his check book....:)

Heck, he even babysits the grandbaby and goes grocery shopping for me.

He is the best thing that has happened to me and I have been very blessed by his love.

My kids at first had a hard time with me having another man in my life, but they have seen how happy I am with him and how he treats me (like a queen)and how he talks to me. I am the one on the pedestal in Mikes eyes.

And like Ann, no date has been set. When we decide, I will make sure you know so the pub can be opened.

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Congratulations to you, too, Shirley! How was the proposal? Was it a surprise? (What a way to get out of buying a Christmas gift, sheesh! LOL)

Brother, Kasey, she'd have to be a magician to keep ME from looking fat!

Such happy news, very happy for you!



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