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Pub's OPEN!

cindi o'h

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Oh dang !!!

I have just been falling behind and the wildboyz (you know who you are) have been keeping me hopping refilling their mugs and putting more quarters in the juke box and turning channels for the games...!!

I have been lagging....sorry.

So much good news to celebrate that I haven't been able to keep up with ALL of it at ONE time...


You c'mon in here and order up!

The most fun drink last year was Tiny's orgasma. All of the girls were loving it. Some had never had one!

I never had one like it...

Anyway. When you come, tell me what you want to drink....I got it all.. and then tell me what you would like to celebrate today...

Kasey has been in here all week celebrating her one year post surgery! But the dear heart is in here all the time celebrating anything. Last month one day she was celebrating that Fred had taken out the garbage.. I had to call a taxi for her at 2 a.m...!

I am going to have my fave....yummy salted Margarita on the Rocks! I am celbrating starting P.Rehab as I hope to get soooo much out of it!!!

Gale,, Carol, Eppie, Rich, etc... etc.. c'mon y'all!

Belly up and Order up!!!!

Cindi o'h

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Count me in Kasey!!!

Kasey...please bring me a clam chowder recipe!!! Read your PM.

Cindi...you are the best! It sounds as if your rehab worked absolute wonders for you yesterday! Keep it up! Thanks so much for opening the pub today! You always keep our glassed full and our spirits up! You're amazing!!!

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Okay, Cindi, Kase, Ann........scooch over....my butt is sliding onto the bench at the bar. You ladies start so dang early in the morning. Had to call my boss and tell him that I had a "ladies lunch" scheduled and MAY not be able to make it back in to work this afternoon.

Cindi, can you make a really sweet, really frozen, lime daquiri? A little whip cream on top would be super special.......... See you in 5....oh, give Kasey coffee until I arrive so I can actually have a conversation with her first....

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Okee dokeee....make mine a Bloody Mary please.

That sounds good for starters.

I'm celebrating my Mom and step dad making it successfully to Florida yesterday. The trip down was a little rough for her. But, I'm hoping the warm weather and SUN will be good therapy for her. (The sun hasn't been out in eight days here in Illinois)

I bet after a few of Cindi's drinks the sun will be shining bright in my little world :D

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Where is Maryanne....

I am thirsty! She's always wanting to tend bar and now when I need her she is nowhere to be found... dang girl is off to Fl. again!

I did get good news today.. no cysts or lumps or things that go bump in the night! :D yippeee! doc said that musta disappeared! fine by me. I think it was the candles, the prayers, the crossing that all of you did for me.

So. I am thirsty.. comin' around the bar and I will have a Bailey's with Joanie...and the rest!

Addie should be coming soon.. I am hoping.. And Sheri and her Dad are lost for the moment, but with the right directions, they should be along any minute!

You all are the best to party with! love ya!

Cindi o'h!

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Well I dont normally come to the Pub as I am not a big drinker. Dr.Pepper please. I guess though i am going to have to stop by and bring our host a Remote Control. I can't believe she is having to turn channels on the TV.....come on its the (LOL first thing that came to mind was the 90's)latest gadget to have and I will gladly buy one for the Pub. Now there will be no more turning the channels and more time to do what Cyndi does best..keep us all happy and laughing....


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I think I should show up this morning for the clean up, and to pour a few of you into cabs! But just in case you are rarin' to go again tonight, anything with rum and an umbrella is fine with me. I'm so high maintenence! So much to celebrate this year...NYE w/ Mom was reason enough!

:) Kelly

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Can I crash this party? I'll take a Pina Colata in fact get me a designated driver and I'll take several :!:

I want to celebrate Cindi's good news, my raise and life in general. Maybe this is going to be a good year. Bottoms up (and that has nothing to do with sex on the beach or orgasams) just turn the class up not your bottoms!

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