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Im sorry its taken awhile to post an update. My dad as you know has been having a lot of coughing and shortness of breath. He had begin shaking and turning clammy and pale, but only when he tried to move. He has had racing pulse rates and really low blood pressure. Well, this started the week of Christmas. He has been treated with I.V. fluids twice and a blood transfusion. Latest appointment was yesterday and dad was struggling and his nurse begged the doctor for oxygen because my dad stressed his need to her. Instead they started fluids for five hours. After his fluids were finished they gave him another oxygen test which was 75 and ordered oxygen to be delivered to their house last night. After we got dad settled we went to get the newest prescriptions. While we waited for it to be filled his nurse called and said to take dad to the E.R. and the doctor would meet us there. The test results were worrisome to the doctor(FINALLY). We got dad to the E.R. and they started running all kinds of tests and scans. Late last night we got the news...double pneumonia and a massive tumor in the center of his chest! All this time we beg for somebody to do something! I just feel they view my dad as a lost cause and another patient. It was the hardest thing to hear and see my dads expression. I know he feels so hopeless :( bless his heart he's been so sick and tired and still endured 40 radiation treatments and 8 chemotherapy treatments. He has been so strong for us! Im so upset that he's suffering! He hardly smiles and never laughs anymore. He says things about death and ask questions about what comes next. I just wish I could take away his pain physically and emotionally. Anyway you look at it he's suffering. I hope the least thing the hospital can do is give him some relief!

Thank all ya'll for listening and continue to pray for my dad...PLEASE!

I have to apologize for the length of this!SORRY it just needed to come out.

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Please do not apologize. We are here to listen and support and that is certainly what you need. I am SO sorry about this latest development....well....the way your Dad is feeling anyway. Finally getting some answers is a GOOD thing!

Hopefully your Dad can be treated for the pneumonia and start feeling a little stronger and more comfortable.

Please let us know how things develop when you get a chance.


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so very sorry your dad has taken ill. now that he

is in the hospital hopefully he will get the care he


My husband had bilateral pnuemonia and although he

did have a lengthy hospital stay, he did recover.

Please never apologize for venting on this board,that

is why we are all here. Many of us have vented and

will agian.

special prayers going out to you and your Dad.

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Hopefully, since they know what the problem is they can give him some relief. I am so sorry that he is having to go through this. Pneumonia alone will knock you on your tail. Let him know that we are praying for a quick recovery.



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Now that they FINALLY know what it is, they can treat it. I pray he gets relief real soon.

You hear horror stories like that all the time. All it takes is a chest X-ray and they would have found the pneumonia well before this.

I am so sorry for your poor dad and hope since he is now getting treatment he will start to feel better and in much less pain.

Sending prayers his way.


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I'm so sorry for all your Dad (and your family) has gone through. At least now that they have found what is making your Dad so uncomfortable, hopefully, he will get some relief. Don't blame yourself for the doctor's slow response. You tried your best and it sounds like the nurses couldn't get the doctors attention either. I just don't know why these things happen but they do. A chest xray would have been so simple ---

And please vent away when you need to. That's why we're here.

Let us know how your Dad is doing.

gail p-m

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Anybody with double pneumonia would feel down,

sick and think the worst.

He must have gone down fast as you do not mentioned

if he had fever previous.

The antibiotics will work wonders for his pneumonia

as as he soon as he will be able to breathe better his mood will pick up.

Now that he is in he hospital he will be able to

pass the tests needed to follow his recovery.

Sending prayers for a good recovery and answers

for his pain.



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