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Leslie Passed Away


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Hi all,

I have some very sad news about Leslie. She passed away Friday night. :cry: Kim, her friend at the post office said she was surrounded by family and her passing was very peaceful. By Friday morning, Leslie could no longer speak. Her pain was under control, so no pain.

Even though she had WBR, she had a frontal tumor that had grown and was getting larger. There were no other treatments for her. According to Kim, their little town is stuck in the 70's.

Leslie requested an autopsy in hopes their findings may help someone else. Always thinking of others, that was Leslie. Such a positive spirit. They will do a celebration of life, not a funeral...

I hate to be the bearer of this sad news. I hate this disease.


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Oh Karen :cry: ,

This post has knocked me down and taken all my breath away. I had just spoken to Leslie not long before she must have entered the hospital. Seemed tired from the radiation, I presumed, but eating dinner and watching a movie. So we didn't talk for very long.

This disease is so evil :twisted: I find feelings stirring in me that I had no idea existed inside of me and it is scary. I hate this disease and the feelings it evokes in me!

Leslie will be so missed.

Kasey :cry:

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I am so sad! Poor wonderful Leslie! She was such a dreamer and so positive that she was going to pull through this awful disease. If positive attitude could be a cure for lung cancer, she would have been the poster child for it.

I pray that she is in a much better place and is filled with peace and happiness. She was a lovely gal and I am so glad to have had the pleasure of "meeting" her here.

I am so glad that she got to enjoy her European trip this past Fall.

Prayers to her hubby and her beloved animals...


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This is a quote from an pm that Leslie had sent to me on Dec. 23rd. Just needed to share a beautiful moment with a friend..I am happy that she picked me to enjoy her morning with her. It was an honor.

Cindi o'h

"took this photo from the backyard yesterday morning. What a sunrise! Changed so fast that, by the time I walked back inside, the sky was already turning yellow.

Sharing this just with you!"


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I just keep thinking about how excited Leslie was about the trip she and Mark took to Rome. Thank God she was able to make that trip!!!

I am so angry. Why do these bad things happen to such beautiful people?

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this is a terrible, terrible shock. she was so ALIVE SO RECENTLY. I don't understand. it's like I can't get my mind around it. she was my yoga buddy here, and fellow leftie. I'm afraid this 'place' won't be the same without her.

poor, poor Mark. this happened so fast, I can't imagine how he must be suffering.

god, this is just terrible. :cry::cry:

we love you Les, and will miss you horribly.



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