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Leslie Passed Away


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Like others, I'm devastated by this news. I'm sure there isn't a dry eye in the house.

What a wonderful contribution she made to this board. Her last posts were posts comforting others. I hope her family and friends can find peace in the coming days. Thank you Leslie. :cry:

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I am so totally wiped out by this news. TOTALLY!!! It just hits so close to home. Leslie went in the hospital TOTALLY expecting to come out - it wasn't time yet!!!! She was so full of life feeling pretty good - fighting - strong - determined - willing to do anything to survive. Boy, does that scenario sound familiar to some of you that know me. This really hit me where it hurts.

I pray for God's blessings on Mark and all of Leslie's family and friends, and all of you here at LCSC who are devastated by this news.

Love to all,


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I am just so shocked and saddened... I just went back and re-read messages she sent me during my mom's last days just two weeks ago. I just can'ty believe it. I am so mad at this terrible disease...The fact that is can take someone so quickly is devastating for all of us.

Mark, you will be in everyone's prayers. Know that you have people all over the world praying for you...and that your sweet Leslie is soaring high right now....she wrote to me that her concept of God was continually evolving, yet that she knew that everyone and everything that happened was part of a huge plan...she told me she took great comfort in that.

All my love to all caregivers and folks with LC tonight....I will say a prayer for all of you...and especially Mark.


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Heaven has received a beautiful angel...

My deepest condolences and Prayers to Mark, all their family and friends.

I love you Leslie the board will not be the same. Your wonderful input and the sparkling personality of yours will be immensly missed. What an incredible void..

I will always cherish those PM's I have on my message board. She was one in a million...


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May your soul rest in peace our beloved Leslie. You brought so much life into this board. Mark may the lord grant you strength in the coming days.

My tears are dropping and my hands shaking. How can this beast take a beautiful joyful soul so quickly.

God Bless.


Thomas & Malou

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