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Today I went over the mountain.....


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......and came back glowing!

I had my scans etc that had been delayed by my cold and for the first time my onc mentioned the C word.

No, no that one, the other one we all want to hear.........CURED!!!!!

All my tests and the CT were good, no changes - still NED - so I asked him what the answer is when I am asked if I'm in remission or cured. His answer (which will be forever etched on my brain) was "you've been in remission for so long now that as far as this cancer is concerned you're CURED."

There was the caution of course that I'm still high risk for another lung cancer but it will be a new primary and I'll deal with it when/if it gets here. He also said yearly CTs need to be done at the very least, so I'll be seeing him in 2007.

I should really have put this post in good news or test results but with all the bad news we've been dealing with recently I figured that everyone (especially the newcomers) needed to hear this tid-bit.

To say that all is well in sunny Vermont today would be an understatement, it could only be topped if our Addie was doing better, then all would be perfect in my world!

So Cindi, open up them pub doors......the drinks are on me, tonight I'm gonna celebrate! Think I'll start right now, I'm going downstairs to put vodka in my Mountain Dew.



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Geri...this is just the perfect news to get my weekend off to a great start! Way to go!!!! This is one "C" word we can all love! I am so happy for you! I hope you're going to do lots of celebrating. Hey..Cindi...I'm buying the first round...in Geri's honor!

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Geri, thanks for the fantastic news!!! I hope my Dad follows suit. He's got a couple of years to go before we have a chance to hear the good "c" word. This is encouraging, as busy as I've been I probably would have missed this in the good news forum, thanks for putting it out there for all to see!

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