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5 Years

Amy P

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I have been debating on when to post this as neither Mom nor I can remember her dx date, all we remember is that she was dx in late January had her surgery just after Valentine's Day and we only remember that because my daughter had just learned to cut out paper hearts and we filled her room with them.

Anyway, sometime in last couple of weeks, Mom officially became a 5 year survivor. In March it will be 2 years since her recurrance (sp?)and all in all she is doing pretty darn good. The Iressa still continues to keep her stable and also keep in mind that she has been on a 1/2 dose of Iressa for well over a year. In fact, my Dad's health is now where we are focusing our energies (he is having all sorts of fun things happen).

I think my luckly stars that I found this website a year and half ago. It was only through this site that I was able to get hope after the beast came back. I pray for you all daily and read a couple of times a day - just because you don't see my name doesn't mean I am not here :) You all are an amazing group of people.

Much Love to ALL OF YOU!!!!!

Amy P

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Amy :lol::lol::lol: ,

Thank you for posting such GREAT news for all of us today.

A GIANT congratulations from me to your Mother AND to you too! May you both continue to thank your lucky stars and come back here year, after year, after year, to celebrate over, and over, and over again.

Glad to know you are 'around' even if we don't know it!


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Well Amy, that is fantastic news about your mom being a survivor for 5 years. WOW, that is the best news.

I hope things for your dad has good results.

Thanks for posting that great news. Keep it comming.

Maryanne :wink:

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CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU GUYS :D Always nice to hear great news right now. Much love and many prayers to your family for continuing success.

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