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From Fay A.

Fay A.

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Hello all. My name is Mike and I'm Fay's younger son. She wrote out a message for you all but she does not have computer access.

She writes:

"To all my friends at LCSC,

I said Hospice would have no part in my life or my death. And had others been as concerned about my final days as I was it would not have come to this.

But the General Contractor left my home in so incomplete and disordered a state that I could not come home to spend my final days.

He robbed me of the months of October, November, December to put my completed home into order & to make final memories for the birthday months - Halloween - Autumn - Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Years.....

This may not seem like much to anyone else. But to me and my husband and children it was a lifetime of love and memories to hold us through the darker days to come. I want to see my dog.

Because the work is incomplete and the electrical was shoddy and after all not permitted, it was not safe for the high dose oxygen system to be used in my house.

so it is not just my comfort that must be considered. I have to think of the safety and care of others. It is just the way it is.

For those of you with the disease:

If you are in a two story house...MOVE to a single story if it is your intent to live out your life at home. When untreatable Pleural mets or effusions come in to bear on you, you will not be able to negotiate stairs at all. And High dose oxygen tanks stand about 4 feet High, 1.5 ft. diameter and there are 7 of them in my room to last for 3 or 4 days.

Be good to one another,

With Love,

Fay Aguilar"

I'll be checking mom's account from time to time passing messages along as I go.


Mike Aguilar

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This is heartbreaking. This is criminal. I hope Fay's family sues the contractor out of exisitence.

Fay, I still pray the hospice people treat you with love and respect, even though it's not home. No pets? The hospice facility near me allows them. I'd suggest smuggling, like Dad used to do with Daisy, my Mom's dog, when she was in the hospital.

Fay, you remain a heroine to me.

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Thank you so much Mike for the words of your mother.

**Today well-lived

makes every yesterday

a dream of happiness,

and every tomorrow

a vision of hope.

**Be strong and courageous.

The Lord your God will be with

you wherever you go.

(Joshua 1;9)

**The Lord bless you and keep you;

the Lord make is face shine upon you and

and be gracious to you;

The Lord turn his face toward you and

give you peace.

(Numbers 6:23-26)

Please Mike, give your mother a tender hug

for me.


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I am so sorry that things are not as you envisioned. Your dog should be able to visit--that's what hospice should be about, have your family check. I wish you better days with your family and special memories.

Much love to you Fay.


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Dear ((((Fay)))),

Upon first hearing this news my thoughts immediately were that once again.....you could triumph over adversity. It breaks my heart that due to worker incompetence your quality of life is less than what you deserve. I will continue to hang onto the hope that SOMETHING may change to allow you comfort and love in the surroundings you so desire.

That said, Fay, how does one love someone whose face they have never seen or voice thay have never heard?? I have not the answer to that, BUT.....I do love you, Fay. Today I feel as if my heart cannot possibly break any more. I know it will. You have served LCSC unselfishly for the duration of your time here. You have encouraged, supported, educated, and loved us all. Your knowledege and expertise has been boundless and invaluable to many. As a newbie I learned how to live with LC and become a survivor. You once assured me that I would be one for a long time.....that in 6 or 7 years I would be here encouraging the newbies and helping them on their journeys. I plan to pay that forward for you, Fay, as best I can.

Please try hard to feel my love in these words. My prayers will be, of course, for your comfort and peace, but also that your indomitable spirit will remain as an example to us all. Your dog MUST be there, Fay. I so understand that too.

So much to say.....inadequate words for expression. You are a gift and I treasure you.



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You are definitely rock solid in ours thoughts in this house.

Please take full advantage of the hospice to make your self comfortable. Their job is to do nothing but make this time easy on you and your family. Don't hesitate to ask for anything from them.

Take comfort in knowing there is much love coming from both of us sent out to you.


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I'm very sorry and saddened to hear this. I'm glad I got to speak to you on the phone. I make it a point to read all your posts. You are a remarkable woman who showed me what true grit is all about--you do it with class and dignity. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Peace, Take Care And God Bless You Fay, Love Rich

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Fay,I'm sorry you are not able to be at home where you would like to be.I pray the hospice people are aware how special a person you are and that they meet all your needs.

As I posted in another post,you are without a doubt the hardest working survivor I've known.You are always fighting,researching,fighting more and researching more.And at the same time always helping others.

Fay my hat is off to you and you have my total admiration.You and your family will be in our prayers daily.

PS:Tell those hospice people they better let you see your dog.They don't want us to load up the Faymobile with all our members and come there and bring your dog in to see you. :evil:

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Mike, please convey to your mother that we love her. I cherish our phone conversation, and all her posts here. my message box is full of messages containing information that, I believe, improved my mother's outloook for survivorship. I am disappointed that Fay can not be at home, as she wants, but her lucidity and vigor is intact and that brought a smile to my face. tell her I, for one, know that no matter where she is, she is the arms of god and I know you and the rest of her family are with her.

thanks mike.



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Thanks for letting us know about your mom. I am saddened by this news. She has fought so hard to get well. I miss her posts. I too have spoken to her several times. She is such an inspiration to all of us and a wealth of information.

I knew she was having all those problems with the contractor's. I knew what she ws going through, I worked in th construction industry for 30 years dealing with them and subs. Sad part is they're here today and gone tomorrow.

Let your mom know, she is in my prayers and miracles do happen. Please keep us posted.

Thank You,


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Although I've never even met Fay, I have nothing but respect for her and I admire her continued courage.


You and your family are in my thoughts always. Your story gave me a lot of hope when I came here nearly three years ago, and I will never forget that.


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Thank you for posting Mike.

And for Fay-

I am sorry that these days are not being spent in your home, you deserve more than this. I hope that the love of your family and the love that we are all sending to you, will help bring at least some comfort and peace to you.

So many people wonder if they have made a difference in other's lives - you have made so many impressions on so many hearts and minds here. You have always been the warrior princess, I have posted that so many times. Your strength and courage have been a shining light, and your tenacity at fighting for yourself has taught people to question when they need to question.

Fay, I will always be sorry that I was never able to make the trip to come visit you last Spring, and see the flowers that you described so beautifully.

You are close to my heart today, as always.

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Just want to reiterate that I've so admired you and "loved" you. Your incredible fighting spirit and caring have so inspired many of us on the board to the point that we are in awe of you. I've never failed to read any of your posts. They're always full of so much wisdom, strength and love

Hospice had better meet all of your needs, Fay. They should be privileged to serve you. You ask about having that dog of yours visit. They just can't turn you down.

Will continue to say prayers for you today and always.

gail p-m

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Fay, So sorry to hear this. Your replies to our posts gave much encouragment and hope. I hope you take comfort in Psalms,18:2

The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;

my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.

He is my shield and the horn [a] of my salvation, my stronghold.

Love and mercy, Barb

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