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No Memorial Service -My Choice

Fay A.

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Fay, I am so sorry to hear such sad words from you. I wish you didn't have to think such thoughts.

Since you phoned me, quite a long time ago now, I have often wondered what you looked like. Now I know - your face matches your lovely speaking voice!

Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way,


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Fay, this is YOUR CALL my friend! I'm sure your family will do what you request. Then again if they are anything like my family they don't listen very well to me to begin with! :roll::wink: Oh Well, what do I know?? :P:wink:

I know a man that had a party and he invited all his friends and family etc. etc. etc. and then two weeks later he passed away and had NO funeral. He said he wanted to be the (life) of the party and by golly he was. I always thought that was pretty nice. Different, but nice.

Your the cream of the crop my friend, and you will always and forever be in my thoughts and heart.

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I love you, dear Fay. I have never seen your face before but I have to tell you, you look EXACTLY like I have pictured you in my mind for the past 4-1/2 years, EXACTLY. You are beautiful, Fay, inside and out. I wish you peace and comfort and I know your family will do anything that you wish. Your wonderful life and the way you live it is a memorial to you all on it's own. Thinking of you always and forever special lady.

Much love,


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My mom always said wakes and funerals were for the living, not the dead. You choose whatever you want!

And I'm sure there will be a helluva party in your honor.

I'm so glad you are able to write and talk to us - those of us who are caregivers really need to hear such plain talk, because some of us are caring for people not able to speak so certainly about their wishes.

Prayers that God will take you very gently by the hand when the time comes.

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Every day I am amazed at the strength of your words.

No memorial is needed, you will always be remembered no matter what.

I'm sure that your family and friends will be celebrating your life at a later date when their grief will not be so raw.

You are my dear one helluva woman, it's been a privilege to know you if only through the written word.


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Speaking plainly about your wishes is a tremendous gift to the living, dear woman. They will feel secure in knowing that they have done what you wanted when that day comes.

When you do finally turn inward, Fay, and you no longer post here, please know that you will remain in our hearts and minds regardless. With much affection and admiration, Teresa

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