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PUB is open!!!

cindi o'h

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Hey Gang!

So much good news this week to tip a glass to.

Missed Paddy's and partying with all of ya'll....I almost lost my job!

Rick and Katie are back from their much deserved vacation! Welcome home!

Many new members coming for support and information who need an introduction to our cyber pub!

Newscameras out to capture the hearts and minds of those with the experience of lung cancer. Could it be that lc is coming out of the shadows?

Planning stages for this year's fundraising events and social events are underway around the country are the buzz on the boards.

All are welcome to the pub. All are welcome to drink their little hearts out. We serve everything from coffee to white lightning in here! We also have everything from chocolate donuts to crab stuffed mushroom caps. Something for everyone. Just have to keep Frank happy with his c donuts and Bud Lite, and everyone is happy.

All of ya'll Texans are limited to ONE. No more. I won't have my license to serve taken away and I am not going to jail for serving and creating folks who are going to get arrested for public drunkedness!!!

Other than that, belly up to the bar and give a shout out.

I am having a bloody mary today.. Mr./Mrs. T's, little splash of veg juice, squeeze of lime, fresh ice cubes from the creek, pickle spear, olives, branch of sweet crispy celery, and a pickled asparagus spear... yummy! Bottoms up!

Cindi o'h

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Okay, Cindi, you ALWAYS know I'm in for the pub opening up :lol: ! Today I will have the same as you...............saving the more interesting concoctins for summer :wink: !

Frank, I got the laptop.................anyone with movies they want to play on it?????



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Hear Hear! All great news, and reasons to celebrate with a drink.

I would love nothing more than to have a Dreamsicle Martini, but since I haven't heard the results of my IVF yet, I'm going to play it safe and have a Virgin Strawberry Marguarita Please :D

Hey Frank pass the Chocolate Donuts, this hormonal girl would love to share with you if you're offering any.

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Hi Cindi,

Oh God, it's 12 minutes to calculus class but I do have time for a beer...just one. I am so ready for happy hour and it is friday pm. My students won't notice will they? Gulp, Gulp.

Well that was refreshing. Hey they're running a shrimp special at the RL, maybe I can get hubby to take me tonight.

Gotta run. Time for math. Barb

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I'm going to venture out and make the trip from Canada...hope I don't get lost, I'm directional impaired :lol: I think a nice glass of red wine will do and then after I get settled in, I will switch to Jamaican rum and pepsi. I can't wait to get there!!


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By this time I know the way to your Pub,

won't get lost again.

A cup of Java to start and will see later.




Way is easy, Just cross the border

and all the highways have signs

directing you to **Cindi's Pub**


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Count me in too Cindi. Got any caffeine-free diet mtn dew? I may even mix in a little Candian Club with that. I think I will eat the chocolate dounut before I start the drinking. Might go down a little better that way. Can't wait to see all of you there.


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Yo Cind,

You better have my favorite spot saved for me at bar. You know my drink... extra dry grey goose martini with extra olives. hmmmmm... actually I have the every Friday night at home while we watch a rented movie.

Today I rented the 5 th season of 24... love it.

But I will sacrifice our home entertainment to go to your pub to be with everyone. I can always watch it tomorrow night.

See ya there soon!!

Maryanne :wink:

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Set up a Bacardi and Tonic with 2 limes slices for me. With doubling up on the lime I have kept away both scurvey and rickets. Never sure which I am really keeping away.

I guess by the time I get there, Geri with be ready for the single malt and get rid of that dang Vodka and Mountain Dew.

Can't wait to see you all.

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I'll stick to diet coke since I have a BIG interview in the morning early. Wish someone else could go in my place. Charlie is too sick to go. I thought about taking Amanda (12 yo), but she really doesn't know what to say. Any suggestions from the bar?

Also, save my seat near the tv so I can catch up on the basketball tournament. Be there soon.

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