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Further Progress of Breast MRI....4/3/06

cindi o'h

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Back in 1998, my ob/gyn questioned my mammo and sent me to abreast specialist because he saw a shadow in the right breast. Th breast specialist said I was fine. I truly think now, it was the beginning of this darm LC. If I would have known about MRI's then, I would have insisted on the test. My ob/gyn is so thorough,he trusted the other doc's opinion and test results. The shadow was by the mediestian (sp') center of chest right side. That is where they found this darn LC, right lung.

Cindi,GO get that test, please. Just to give us all peace of mind.Does your insurance pay for it? If so, than just go have it done...


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We all love you! You got some healthy venting out of your system. Celebrate the GOOD news, take a few days, then please consider doing as the doc suggested and just clearing up the MRI/breast question once and for all. Rooting for ya'!

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Hey all,

Thank you all for your feedback. It is wonderful having all of you here helping me. Don't know what I would do without all of you.

I should add that the nurse from the surgeon's office called to see if I was okay and to see how my app't with the onc. went. She said that she had talked with the surgeon again and the surgeon said the same thing. She said that the MRI of the breast is a very expensive test and is actually unreliable. She said that when they do breast MRI's at this hospital, the films are sent for interpretation by the breast radiologists at this clinic and if something shows as positive on an MRI, then the radiologist will order an ultrasound for verification. We already have done the ultrasound, so I got to skip the breast MRI.

I should have also stated that this breast cancer doctor heads up a breast cancer specialty clinic of huge proportions. They do breasts and that is all they do. She is a top doc in Mpls. I have been seeing her for over 7 years. I have every confidence in her abilities, education, experience and chairside manner.

This onc. is new to me. I don't know how he operates, acts or reacts to situations.

I have felt confident from the get-go (last Nov. when this "thing" was first seen) that there was nothing there. About four doctors in town insisted I get it checked and I did; I went to the best surgeon that I know of. I feel like I have been bullied into getting it checked and now I feel that I have been pushed beyond bullied. I feel like the CT scan came up somehow with a false positive and the breast surgeon and her nurse feels the same way. The surgeon said that CT scans are unreliable tools for diagnosis.

My plan is to have a 6 month follow up with the breast cancer surgeon. I am not worried about this at all, but part of me feels I need to follow through to appease the onc.

The nurse said that I shouldn't be put in the middle of two differing doctors opinions. The onc. should have contacted the surgeon and discussed it.

My type of insurance doesn't pre-approve anything. I would have to have the test done, and then wait to see if they would pay. (medicare).

So that is the story on this.

On a really good note, I had the best breathing day today than I have had in years! SOB has given me a reprieve for a day! Hopefully, I will have another one tomorrow. One day at a Time!

Thanks all of you gooduns! 'Preciate it.

Cindi o'h

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Glad that you had the best breathing day in record

for you, you will get more and more with time and

you keep up with the PT.

MRI are mostly used on breast for women under forty

when the breast is dense and only after the breast surgeon order it.

As long as you don't worry about it have the six

month follow up with the breast surgeon you know


Only the best for you, we love you.


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Hi Cindy,

My two cents worth....I'm soooooooo happy about the SOB gone, and the CT scan. I feel the same way about other tests. In fact, if I'm not told, I just don't go. At the same time, I would definitely check this out cause I know it'll be nothing. "Just Do It". You know you'll feel better.


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I am thrilled that you had a "good breathing day". As far as the onc. issue is concerned, you are a very well informed woman and I have no doubt that you know what's best.

Glad to hear the good news on your lung results.



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Oh Miss Cindi...

I'm so glad you chased the SOB away for a day, and I'm glad you're breathing better, too... 8):lol: had to say it... :roll:

Okay, seriously, I AM glad for your improved PFT's. There is nothing quite like a big, deep lung-full of air, huh? :wink: I hope the therapy continues to improve your results. I have an appt. with a new pulmo. at Mayo in late May. One of his "interests" in addition to single/multiple nodules is pulmonary rehab. I'm hoping he can get me on some regimen, as well.

And, only you know what is best for you. I trust you're making the right decision. Glad it isn't a worry.

Take Care, mi Amigo! Happy Spring!!


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A good breathing day is the BEST of news, Miss Cindi :lol: ! I hope to hear that is continues and your PT will even help it improve more. Confidence in your docs is top priority, and apparently you DO have that...........so I am conficent too about the breast and MRI and all.

My BEST vibes and wishes for continued good breathing days.



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I'm a little late on this one so I'm just hoping that you're still having good breathing today.

Glad that the boob thing has been sorted.....I hate having to nag in writing, it's so much easier face to face!

Take care my friend, will be in touch.


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Keep the good breathing up and glad you dont have to get your boobs checked for another 6 months :)

I have the same understanding as Jackie about the MRI of the breast; I had one done since I am under 40, very dense, and they were watching something most likely nothing, whihc MRI confirmed

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Hi Cind,

Just keep the faith and doing what you are doing. Everything seems to be falling into place.

I am so glad you are having a good breathing day. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it continues, would'nt that be wonderful!!

You know I am praying for you lady, but I think you are coping lie a real trooper. You are my hero sweetie.

Love ya,

Maryanne :wink:

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