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Mom Rosie has taken a turn for the worse


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It should be anytime, now, when she passes....She is surrounded by her five daughters. I'm coping as best as I can, though at the same time, I can't believe this is happening. Love to you all. I'll be back, in a few days. Jodi

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Oh Jodi,

I knew Mom was having some pain issues, BUT I thought she had been doing so well just before that. This comes as quite a shock and I am so deeply sorry. Please remember that Rosie will be in my prayers.......as you will be as well.


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It might just be sit back. Don't lose hope just yet. If she is responding to treatments, it might just well be the side effects that will subside in due time. None the less, I will be praying for your entire family.

God Bless


Thomas & Malou

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Jodi -

i am so sorry - this disease just turns on a dime. Please know we are all here for you -- please feel free to PM or call me anytime. My mom too took such a quick turn after we had god news from scans....I "get it"

Prayers for you all. I am sorry.


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I have typed this several times. Never coming out the way I want it too.

Nothing will ever make this time easier for you. Not my prayers or my sympathies. I just want you to know I truly understand the pain you are in. Nothing replaces your mom and the void is endless.

I miss my mom to this day. The pain is not what it was on August 15 2003 but neither am I. Try to remember the best times with your mom, the laughs, the talks, the adivce, the fights, As long as you keep her close and talk about her daily you will keep her alive and she will live on.

I truly am sorry your mom had to endure this awful disease. No one should have to go through this.

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Jodi, I am so so sorry to hear this news about your Mom. :( I'm glad you and your sisters are together to comfort your mother and provide support and strength for each other. Your family will be in my prayers.

Take care,


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