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Kasey 2000

Don Wood

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Congratulations to our Kasey, who has now logged in over 2000 posts! Kasey was diagnosed with NSCLC, Stage III, in Sept. '04, has been courting with NED every since (rah!) and has been giving us all ongoing encouragement, info and support in her year and a half on lchelp. Thanks you so much, Kasey, for being a Moderator here and for all your warm support of us. Don

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So many wonderful things to say bout' you, Kasey!

YOU, are truly a blessing to this board and I am sure to everyone that knows you.

Love your common sense approach and humor. When I read what you write, it's like being in the same room with you.

God Bless you

Love, Libby

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Hey Kasey

A BIG CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!! :mrgreen:2000

What would we do without our Kasey who is so full of support and understanding who gives those wonderful words of wisdom.

You have a very intense insight that radiates so much through your post.

It is a pleasure to know you.

Love ya girl... you are the best!! :D

Maryanne :wink:

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Thank you for so many kind words :oops: .......undeserved............but appreciated nonetheless. Actually I would like to thank all of YOU for accompanying me on this journey. The support, comfort, and friendship I have received here far outweigh any contribution I may have made. You all are the BEST! Thanks Don, for keeping tally. I am truly humbled.



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