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Need some prayers/good thoughts....(Updated again May 26)


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I love the posts that I see here...don't focus on the numbers...instead focus on keeping yourself healthy, and calm. I have two kids, but don't know about the numbers that you wrote about. I do know that miracles happen EVERY SINGLE DAY, and because of that we can never, ever, ever, lose hope. God bless you Andrea...just think, no matter what, you have a little life in you, and that in itself is a gift from God!!!

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Oh, Andrea, I do pray so hard that it was successful! I don't even know what HCG is, but if that number means 75% chance in the negative, it also means a 25% chance in the positive. There's no reason why you won't be in that 25% positive area.

Now is the time for you to:








Love and prayers,


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Sending Prayers and Positive thoughts. Don't worry Stress is bad for you Think Happy thoughts Stay encouraged. Drs don't know everything especially numbers :):):):):):):):)

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Prayers continue for better odds soon. This place is all about being those "stats". right? RIGHT!

I've had friends whos HCG levels were so low they didn't get a positive on their pregnancy tests until after the 4th month!!

Think good thoughts, take it easy and know we are all pulling for you and little hatchling(s)

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Thanks everyone! I will see tomorrow if the numbers doubled.

A quick "education" for those interested :) -- HCG is the pregnancy hormone tested for to determine if you are pregnant. 0-5 is not pregnant; 25 and up is pregnant; 5-25 is unequivocal and likely a failed pregnancy. The key is doubling, HCG is supposed to double every 48 hours in early pregnancy. So if it doubles tomorrow, then it has a chance.

My big debate is w here to go tomorrow, do I go to the dr office and wait all day for the call; or do I take a lab slip I have and go to the hospital and try to manipulate it to get the results myself earlier in the day. :)

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