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Prayers needed Again-sensitive subject (not for the modest)


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ya know I ampraying for ya and Keith. Hope all is well soon for you guys. gotta jet sending Carolina blue sky prayers.

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Well the doctors can not find any cause for the swelling in the lower regions.

I guess I should feel relieved because if it was something serious or cancer progression they would have caught that right?

But the rough truth is that they did not find any cause, Keith's platelettes are still too low for blood thinners. So he is receiving no treatment or relief for any of the areas he has of swelling.

They sent him home with a "keep an eye on it". :roll:

I'm torn, I want a fix. I want to make him better. I want him to have his worries and fears alleviated. But at the same time, I am happy they didn't find a big stinkin' tumor blocking another vein, or a new tumor causing new problems.

I'm so tired. I'm ill from worry and grief. I'm so sad.

But knowing I have your prayers helps. I know God can not miss hearing our combined prayers. He will bring us through this.

Thank you

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I read all your postings today and my heart ached. I cannot even imagine how you feel. I don't even know what to ask God for, your situation is unbelievable! I'm just asking that he makes it easier for you both to accept it.

How is Keith feeling today? How are you? Please keep us posted. Is it possible that the abdominal tumors are pressing on the inferior vena cava and that's why the swelling in the groin area? Have you asked the doctors that?

Carleen, may God make you strong enough for what's coming. I'll be praying for you both. :cry:

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I believe that God hears and listens to, and answers all prayers, Carleen, even if it may not seem like it right away. I read once somewhere that God never says 'no' to a request made in prayer. His answers are either, "Yes.....not quite yet.....or, I know something even better than what you asked for." Or anyway it went something like that. I'm not great at quotes. Anyway, I found some peace in that, and it reminded me that God does have a plan, and truly does have our best interests at heart (even when it doesn't look like it at face value). Much love and many prayers for you and your Keith. I hope you both find some peace and comfort soon.

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I hope things are better for Keith by now. You guys have been through so much, I just wish there was something I could do. Please know that you are both in all my best thoughts.


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My dad had this type of swelling when he got overhydrated on IV fluids. He had developed ascites (fluid in the abdomen) and the fluid slid sown into the scrotum.

He was quite uncomfortable, and found a towel to support that area while lying down helped. The hospital also increased his protein intake to help the body get rid of the excess fluid, as well as gave him Lasix.

Does Keith have abdominal fluid? Did they check a CT or abdomen ultrasound?

Still praying for you. Sure wish Keith could catch a break soon!


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