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Report from Joanie: 2-Sept ***UPDATED 5-SEPT***


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Joanie asked me to post this short note:

Hi Everyone,

Here's my update -- As of now, the docs think that the surgery went very well and consider it a success. I am on anti viral & antibiotic meds as well as prednisone and they seem to be working. The pneumonia & pneumonitis in my good lung are showing improvement. I am still on oxygen but it is in ever decreasing amounts. They had found aspergillus at the surgical site, so I am also receiving anti-fungal medication to prevent that from causing problems. You all have been down that road with the medicines.

After 24 days in the ICU, they moved me to the respiratory step down unit on Thursday night. So once they finish clearing up the pneumonia & pneumonitis, I should be on my way home. I'm hoping by next week.

Brian has been such a doll. Couldn't have been in better hands and all 'n all we're pulling thru. I sure hope I never have to go through this again. Thank you for your kind support & good wishes.

Love you all, Joanie. ((( )))

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Great to hear from you, Joanie!!! 24 days in ICU.............oh my gosh! I do so hope you get sprung pretty darn soon, Joanie. You guys have certainly had your fill of hospital time. Glad the O2 is decreasing and hope to 'see' you home real soon.



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It's almost like you had a feeling this was going to happen - your posts before this happened just seemed like you were so doubtful that all was well..

I know that when you get out of there and back home and back to us, you will be 100% fixed, and this will ALL be behind you. You are a strong woman Joanie, I think of you often, and look forward to your release from the hospital.

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I am so glad to hear the good news about Joanie, Brian. She has been on my mind, and I check for a post on her update everytime I log in.

I know she knows how much we miss her here. That's enough of hospitals now, I want her home, and I pray it it real soon.

Relax and heal Joanie you have been through so much.

Thnking of you,

Maryanne :wink:

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Wow... so glad the hear the wonderful news. :mrgreen: I know she cannot wait to get to her home. Back to you and her doggie.

She has been through so much but what a fighter she is. I would want her in my corner anytime. :D

Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

Maryanne :wink:

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