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It saddens me deeply to inform the members of this forum that on September 21 at 3:15pm Pacific time Antoinette passed away. She went very peacefully while surrounded by loved ones.

There are none who knew Antoinette who did not love her. And she lived to help people as her posts on this forum bear witness to. We will all miss her.

Eric (Antoinette's husband)

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Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2005 9:38 am Post subject: First Day of Radiation

Hi Everyone,

Well it's my first day and I'm feeling sick to my stomach from a Vicodin hangover. I had hoped to wake up with minimal pain and a good attitude but these narcotics just make me feel awful and I'm having a really hard time coping this AM.

I know there's nothing to be afraid of with the treatment. It's not going to hurt and will only take a few minutes but I just feel awful and want to crawl back into bed. I haven't felt this wimpy in a LONG time and I just HATE it.

I just needed to vent and my apologies for sounding like such a child but it's been a rough weekend of pain and now I have to drag myself everyday for the next 5 weeks for treatment that I have no idea if it'll do any good.

For those out there who have had positive experiences I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for letting me cry on your collective shoulders.



My Deepest Condolences and Prayers to the Family. If you need us Eric we are here. sadly we have experience dealing with this kind of loss. Prayers for you and the Family at this trying difficult time.

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