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Joel is going into the hospital to do a wedge section on his good lung next Monday.

His Pulmonary doctor call him today. It seems the doctors will not take his wait and see. They want it out...period. Now even his pulmonary doctor agrees with them.

I know this came from his Onchologist as he is the dominent one and he wanted this nodule out since it grew and also when they had their meeting last Wednesday, they all agreed it has to come out. We were the ones who wanted to wait and see along with his Pulmonary.

Anyway, he has an appointment again with his surgeon on Thurs.

I know that he would have to have this out eventually, so maybe we were just putting off the inevitable... There are a couple of good things (I guess)

1. it won't be around the holidays.

2. The are using the VATS and only taking a

wedge section insead of a lobe.

3. His recooperation should be fast. We have

a Bas Mitvah to go to on Sat. and he plans on going... :shock:

We are just little confused as his surgeon last week said that they would do a VATS and take it out, send it to pathology and if benign that would be it , but if it is C, then they will take the lobe. Now they are saying that will not take the lobe just do a wedge. Kinda confused there :roll:

Of course the wedge is fine, but would they get the margin if it is C....would he then need chemo????

Will keep you posted...

A confused Maryanne :roll:

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Second opinion, Mar?

They (both the surgeon and onc.) were telling me that I had recurrence. The onc. was dominant (like yours, I guess) and truly yelling at me! There was that inner voice that stood in the way knowing that there was nothing there. I saw the surgeon 3 times. The first time he saw the film, he was barely able to see what the onc was talking about. The next time I saw him, he could see it better. (same films) and the third time I saw him, he could see clearly that there were a lot of nodules..."too many to count", he said. Those two were in professional cahoots. My guts said "bull-oney!" That was over a year ago. I never had surgery. Every scan since then has been clear in that area. And this was from a so-called lung cancer specialist onc. and lung cancer specialist surgeon. They give lots of lectures to lc patients and their families, you know, drumming up business.

Second opinion, Mar? (even 3rd?)

hang in there, girl. It may be worrisome and may not be, but cutting is a big deal.

Cindi o'h

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Everyone agrees there is something there. It doubled size in between scans. It shows marginal uptake. Obviously your oncologist is concerned that it may be cancer. If it were big enough to biopsy, I would want it out. I have read that a primary cancer does not have to be very big before it spreads to other parts of the body. I would make sure though that I knew exactly what was going to happen. If there is some confusion about how much lung comes out, maybe that confusion lies with the specialists too. Did the pulmonolgist say that Joel would do ok after a lobectomy or after a wedge resection? If it were just going to be a wedge resection, and there is cancer, I would ask for a second opinion.

Don M

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Well darnitall, Maryanne :( . I am sorry to hear Joel has surgery to look forward to again. On the otherhand.............good to get it OUT and move on, right? We're thinking of you guys and have only the very best vibes sent east to NJ.



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There is no way he is going to go for a second opinion. These doctors saved his life and he trust them 100%.

And Cindi, my friend, they were watching his nodule since last Nov. It was stable and they were not concerned. Unitl his recent CT and PET showed it double in size and had uptake in the Pet. Also Cindy, his lung capacity is 97% so he is a good candidate for being losing more lung.

They just seem to want it out. Iam more concerned about the wedge. As the surgeon first said that they would wedge it analyize it and if it is Cancerous they would take the lobe. That is what concerns me if they just take a wedge would they get it all?

We are seeing the surgeon again on Thurs and we will address that issue.


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Sorry this is not the news you wanted, but at least he will get it over with.

My dad just had a wedge resection with VATS and he did really well after. I can't answer your chemo question, but I can tell you his pathology report read the margins were clear, so they can tell that too.

Keep us posted!

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I am so sorry you are having indecision amongst your medical team. Sounds like they have a plan at this point. If you feel that your thoracic surgeon is really good and has lots of experience with lung cancer, you have to let him call the shots. Your husband did well with the last surgery and since this is early you shouldn't have to worry about spread and they will be able to check the margins. They can't speculate beyond what they know and a wedge resection is standard for something small.

I wish you both lots of luck for an easy recovery and clean margins.


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Hi Maryanne,

It sounds to me like that mass really does need to come out of there. If it's bigger than it was before then it's got to go.

Maybe this is what they are planning, and this is what happened with me. They took the mass(wedge resection) and sent it to pathology. They did a frozen section and tested it for malignancy. It came back positive and they then did the lobectomy. Had it been negative, they would not have taken the entire lobe, but a lobectomy is the preferable surgery if you have enough lung function to handle it afterwards. At 97%, Joel certainly can handle the loss of another lobe.

I know surgery is not what you guys were looking for but with VATS it sure does speed up recovery time, and I'd sleep a lot better if I were you knowing that thing was going to be outta there.

good luck,


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well doggonit anyway, Mar. I just hate that Joel has to go through this again. I just felt so certain that his first round of treatments was going to be it for him. (wishful thinking!)

I am hoping for Joel that it will just be a little wedge. nothing more.

Just rotten luck that something is showing....

Sorry guys.

Cindi o'h

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