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Update on Lucie

Don Wood

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Lucie has been home now two and a half weeks and doing splendidly. We have had visits to the pulmonologist and the onc and they both give her a "looking good" and an "atta girl". Scans will be done in about a month as a checkup. Lucie is getting out a lot and sewing up a storm. Sunday, we went to church and to breakfast afterwards, which had been our routine, and it felt so good to be "normal" again. The sun is shining -- oh, happy day! Don

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Don and Lucie,

normal, oh what a great word... I have almost forgotten what normal was. It sure does bring back great memories....thanks for the reminder..glad Lucie is sewing again....I need to get back to quilting again but have been doing all the necessary house chores for the winter coming up and that is not normal.....God love everyone and hope we all see normal days again. :D

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What wonderful news! So happy for you and Lucie. Normal is good. I REALLY cleaned my house today, I mean deep cleaning and organizing and it felt so good! Now is that exciting or what? It was the first time in quite a few months that I felt I had my old strength and energy to tackle something like this and it gave me such a sense of accomplishment. I think I should try something fun next time!

Bess B

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Guest Karen C.

Don - Yipee!!! Isn't normal wonderful? I'm so happy for you and Lucie!

I was just saying - today is Dave's last PCI - and coming off the steroids. We still don't have power (going on a week now) but I figure by the time he's totally off the steroids our power will return and life will be NORMAL - just telling a coworker how normal will be HEAVEN!! So I have a real-life appreciation for the beauty of your now normal life!

Enjoy every sandwich, as Warren Zevon said!

Karen C. :lol:

Dave C's wife

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