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Almost Gone


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I don't post this to say "lucky me," but post it simply to offer encouragement to anyone with lung cancer, specifically SCLC. Had a PET/CT scan last week and got a call from the doctor yesterday. Quote: "Tremendous results and the cancer has almost gone." And that's after just 3 cycles. When this started we opted for an aggressive chemotherapy schedule (6 cycles, 3 rounds per cycle).

Optimism is cautious, but a giant leap in the right direction :)

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This is just wonderful news! SC responds dramatically to chemo, it really gets knocked out big time. I had 4 cycle routine and I think after the second round, they saw a big reduction. Remember, Bill, that was 4 1/2 YEARS AGO! So you keep on fightin' to join the NED club! So happy for this great news.

Joanie ((()))

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Well, I must say your post really made me smile. Iam thrilled for you!! Keep that good news coming until it is NED.

With this good news I hope it gives you the encouragement to think again about quitting that nasty habit :roll:

A BIG CONGRATS!!!! :mrgreen:

Maryanne :wink:

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That news is great, Bill. I noticed that you started your chemo at the same time my sister did, and yours seems to be almost identical to hers. Her last PET showed the cancer was gone..all of it. Now they are going to do radiation on her..where the cancer was..to try and prevent any re-occurance. Have they mentioned Radiation to you? Her chemo was very aggressive also..she is doing 4 rounds for 6 cycles. I have not known anyone else to do 4 rounds per cycle, but it seems to work. Her only real problems have been fatigue and now depression. She finally called the Dr. and he called in Celexa(sp?) for her, so I hope that works. Anyway, I just wanted to say Congratulations. That is truly wonderful news!!

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