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PET Scan


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Hey all,

I have a PET tomorrow (not sure what time yet). This will be my third since my diagnosis. #1 showed no change. #2 showed about 40% improval. Will #3 (after 3 more cycles of cisplatin/docetaxel) show more improval? How much? Is a complete reponse possible? Maybe it only stabilized. Of course, our worst case scenario: progression.

I'm betting on improvement short of complete response. I can feel it in my bones .... literally!

I'll update asap.


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You know that there are more than a few individuals on the board who have had either stability or complete response outcomes. I think your outcome will be good. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, and until we hear the results. You are probably nervous - I hope that you can stay busy all day today. Again, you'll be in my thoughts. MC

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Hi Aaron,

I agree with Joan, the fact that you feel that good is a good sign that you have had improvement. My doc. tells me all the time to listen to my body because it will tell me how I'm doing, and it has held true over the past nine months.

I'll be praying for great news for you.

Happy New Year!


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