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hI everyone. The following is from my brother, Frank Lamb. I was out to see him on Saturday and he was forging along. He became paralyzed from the waist down and was coping with a wheel chair. He was wheeling around from kitchen, to dining area, to living room on a kind of "pacing" track. He was hoping to build up his upper body so that he could be more of help in getting him from wheel chair, to bed, to potty chair, etc. He was tired but had his pain under control. Connie called me tonight and I went out to his house. He had a type of seizure early evening and seems to be on the fringes of a coma .... his lungs are filling up with fluid and had to be aspirated: he is on oxygen and the visiting nurse was there dispensing pain meds and making him comfortable. He did recognize her (Lori) and cooperated for his morphine(crushed tablets in water applied under his tongue). Connie and his family are with him and he was resting comfortably when I left.

I sent his word document home to myself and have copied it, exactly as he wrote and typed it. I made no changes except to add smiley/frown faces that Connie wanted added like he would have (I did my best with that).

I will keep you posted. thanks once again.

pattie darin

Frank Lamb's sister


Hello everyone.Well it is good to be here to relate to all of you how goes week #2 . :D This week has been a week of more PAIN :( although a lot of that has been brought on by myself.They have done a very good job of regulating the pain with the long acting morphine.It is my job to take the liquid morphine and administer it so that the breakthrough pain is kept to a comfort level that is comfortable.It must be a guy thing I guess that we keep some pain hanging around. :roll:

This week in a short period of time(one week) I have gone from walking on my own power to a walker,then a wheel chair (that I can’t use real well,and now have delivered a hospital bed..to me.I

am now completely paralyzed from the waist down.It takes my wife and at least one of our son-in-laws to get us from the bed to a wheel chair.Even with that help we have trouble getting us in the chair.The paralysis today already seems to be working into the upper stomach.


T hey would be all the above along with the trouble of trying to eat (I still have appetite esp. for chocolate donuts).Add to that it is very hard to do bowel movements(POOP) and now it is important for us to maintain the function of bowels (POOP) and urinary tract.

It is veryy hard to communicate to all of you as just being at the computer is a hard task.I may only work at a couple of sentences in a long time and get dopey,so be patient as at times .Connie has hung in there so strong and brave same as our daughters,son-in-laws,grand children and all our family.We are trying so hard to stay at home as long as possible.

The very worst thing that happened to us this week was that after all these years last night Connie and I were separated by a hospital bed and our own bed.. :cry:



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Awww Frank. It breaks my heart to think of you the way you describe. You are one of the bravest people I know and I am sure many others agree. Your weekly posts are a wonderful tribute to your deep love for other people. Just know that we love you back and wish with all of our hearts that things were different for you.

You are constantly in my prayers, as well as Connie and the rest of the family. Can you feel this hug? ((((((Frank))))))


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Oh Patty thank you so much for posting Frank's update. I was really praying for him to be able to keep us posted for quite awhile, I am so saddened for his deteriorating condition so soon.

He is our hero here, and I cannot imagine this board without Frank's encouragment and support. He has been a G-d sent here.

He said his pain is under control for that Iam so grateful. Isn't just like him to try to keep his upper body strengthened to make it easy when he has to be lifted. He is incredible, always thinking of the other person even at this stage. I pray for him to stay pain free and to go in peace with all his family around him.

It feels so strange to even post that last paragraph as I am selfish and want Frank to hang on and not leave us... but I know that is not reality.

He is one of the bravest people I know as with everything he has gone through, which was so much more than any mortal could indure, he just kept his positive attitude and humor through it all.

When I drink a Bud light or have a chocolate donut I will think of him as it will touch my heart.

Please tell Frank, that I miss him here and I pray for him to be at peace and he will always be held tight in my heart.

He has such a wonderful family he was is so proud of and I know where that wonderful family came from, him and Connie. She is his angel.

Please tell Connie we are always here for her.

Peace be with you all.


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HAd to come back to post, was so sad could not type.

Sending and saying Prayers for Our Frank and His whole Family for strength and peace.

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Thank you so much for letting us know what is going on and sending on Frank's weekly message. Having lost my brother to this disease, I know what you are going through and am thinking of you, Frank and Connie constantly.

Please give Frank a hug and tell him T-Bone's sister is thinking of him.


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I was hoping this would get easier for you and Connie. You both are deep in our thoughts. I am glad the pain is getting a little lighter and controlled. I hear you about the not being in the same bed. My best to you and Connie for this to be more comfortable.

Thank you Pattie for helping out.


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