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Bambino/a update...


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My surrogate is 17 weeks and we just found out today that we are having a girl and a boy :) We feel very blessed!!!! Ironically I have to change my mamogram appt b/c it is set in 4 weeks, date of next surrogate dr visit ;)

My mom is recovering from her knee surgery. My dad sees the oncologist again the first week of March. He is doing ok so far, he kind of trys to "forget" he has LC.

That's all the news with us for now :)

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Thanks everyone! Becky that is so funny b/c I LOVE the names Andrew and Brianna :)

In the Jewish religion we name in memory of someone who has deceased by using the first letter of a name, so I think I will be hatching Elizabeth Gail and Jacob Seth but not totally sure yet.

And who knew, you can store the babies cord blood in case they need stem cell later on. How neat! :) I will be doing that for peace of mind ;)

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