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A little nervous about brain MRI

mary colleen

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As I have mentioned in a previous recent post, my husband is having some severe vision problems. They reached a new peak this morning. He is scheduled for a brain MRI this afternoon, and we should get the results today.

I feel like this is probably not brain mets, but please add us to the prayer efforts.

(Teri W, I haven't forgotten you guys today, and I'm still praying for the best for you.)

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You are in my thoughts and prayers today. Be gentle with yourselves.

I would like to add tho, that having been thru this day myself - brain mets is NOT the end of the world. We thought that it was - and we were wrong. You can get throught this.

Keep us posted.


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Well, I guess in my heart, I knew this one; my husband has a 3cm tumor in the occipital lobe of his brain. We have some appointments in the upcoming few days (CT scans of his chest, liver, adrenals...neurosurgeon, radiologist) to determine what the next steps are. The onc thought that we are probably looking at standard brain surgery rather than cyber knife, but it sounds as if surgery will not be done if there is any evidence of additional mets elsewhere. I'm somewhat in shock, and heartbroken that I have to tell our kids this. One is away at school, and the other is in the Army. I think I am partly stunned simply because it has been only 10 weeks since his first line chemo ended - I always knew that something like this could happen, but I guess I thought that if it did, there would be a longer remission period. Thanks to all of you for being here. mc

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Sorry about the news -- hang tough and keep the faith. I know how much it hurts to see new areas pop up. Many hugs for you.

My husband's brother had 3 brain tumors including one in the occipital lobe. They did standard surgery on one. He did well with the surgery. High hopes for good news on the other tests.


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I remember when we found out that my dad had a brain met. We were devestated and then someone posted and said "brain met, brain schmet" or something like that. Well anyway they were right, after 10 radiation treatments, it was 99% gone. He never experienced anymore awful headaches. My thoughts are with you.



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I'm so sorry -- I just saw your post. This is very frightening news I'm sure, and I know it must have been such a shock to all of you. But you must not forget that there are a lot of people on here who have had brain mets successfully treated.

I will be praying for your hubby for 100% successful treatment, and for your family that your anxiety be eased. Please keep us updated on the other scans.

Much love,

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Thanks all; consult with the radiologist was today, new CT and PET scans are tomorrow, as well as an appointment with a neurosurgeon. For reasons I cannot quite grasp, the Dr. today had to repeat emphatically at least 4 times during out visit that "this is no longer curable" and that "this development certainly changes the survival outlook".

WHY would he think that my husband needed to hear that? I just don't get that. What is the purpose of such rambling? One more time, and I think I would have had enough adrenaline to toss him out into the hallway. I'm usually a calmish, objective, coping type under tough conditions, but I actually began to feel physically agitated. My husband is beginning to show depression, sadness, anger and fear, and this guy didn't help. He didn't help at all.

Vic (my husband) even mentioned to the doc...in an attempt to find some glimmer of hope...that I had told him that Lance Armstrong had brain mets and recovered well. The doctor had to say that Lance had a germ cell tumor, which is very different from LC, and that we could not expect results like that. NICE. Thanks, Doc.)

I just do not understand why anyone would feel the need to grind into the bones of a struggling cancer patient that his outlook is not statistically favorable - I really don't.

OK - rant completed, at least for now.

Thanks for listening. We have whole body PET and CT scans tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be a little more cheerful after that, and hopefully I will not have found the doctors car and let the air out of all 4 tires:)

Again, thanks to all of you for being here.

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