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In light of the events this evening A prayer for our many members and their families past and present should be said and I do hope tha teveryone and families are safe and sound tonite. I know there are a few in that corner of the world....and a prayer for those involoved in this tragedy.

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This is UNREAL! We have never seen anything here like it. :shock::cry: It is really going to cause gridlock to the Minneapolis/St.Paul area for some time. It is one of our major freeways. We are as shocked here as they were in New York during 911. I know it's not the same as 911 but it sure is a shock and so devestating. :cry:

This is a main artery in and out of Mpls. They just said on the news it will take at least 2 years to get this bridge up and running again.

The death toll is 6 and 37 have been injured. 50 Cars are in the River.

My Granddaughters God Mother is a Paramedic and she is working this tradegy and will be throughout the night she said. She told us it was very sad and people are not knowing where to begin. They are now looking into cars that are in the river and pulling people from them. :cry:

Thank you Randy for posting about this. Those living in this tradegy really need all the prayers they can get.

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I know what you mean about the shock, Connie. It is horrible. My husband came running upstairs and told me to turn on the television. I couldn't believe what I saw. I automatically ran through a list of people in my head to make sure I knew where they all were. Praying for everyone involved.

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We watched it all on TV all evening. It is just unbelievabe that a huge bridge like that would just fall, no earth quake, not hit by a barge, that it would just fall . Thank goodness it had some lanes closed so there were less cars on the bridge than usual.

Opera had a show yesterday about heroes. Boy there were a lot of Heroes at that bridge last evening!

Donna G

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Hi everyone!

I too am in shock from the whole disaster. I have traveled that bridge many many times in my life, as I grew up in Mpls and it is awful seeing the main artery of our 2 major cities dumped in the Mississippi and the devastion all around. I have 2 Nephews and Niece that would have been commuting about that time but unforunately cell phone communication has not been good. I am trusting with god's will that no news is good news. My heart and prayers go out to everyone involved. It truly gives me a great feeling that despite the worlds conflicts that so many people came to help unconditionally.

Hugs & Prayers to all!


PS Happy Birthday Donna!!!!

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Another Minnesotan checking in.

I cannot explain the horror, thankfully my friends and family are all safe....my husband was about 10 blocks away from the bridge when it fell.....

Very scary -

Please continue to prayer for the families touched by this disaster.


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My prayers goes out to all the families and people who were involved in that tradgedy. Now NJ is going to check their bridges.

It will be majoy gridlock there, I don't know how people are going to get around this.

It could have been so much worse if that school bus would have gone into the water. G-d was looking out for those children.

My heartfelt prayers to our members on here for the great state of Minn.


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Why is it when a tragedy happens in your area or your neighborhood, it seems 1000 times worse then if it happens 1000 miles away? I know it's not, but it just seems that way. :(

Rhonda, I sure hope your relatives are okay! My neighbor crossed that bridge ONE hour before it fell into the river.

Wendy, I'm sure glad Rob is okay!! THANK GOD!

This nightmare is SO SAD and SO HARD on everyone.

With all the road construction going on in Minnesota before the winter months kick in, and now having one of our MAIN ARTERY'S down, it's just gridlock here.

They are updating rescue situations all day on TV. Sadly enough, they aren't having good luck with the rescues. Now they are saying the bridge is making more and more noises and that will slow the rescue efferts because it may be shifting and more of the bridge could fall in the river. So it's unsafe for divers. Just so heartbreaking!!

"Minnesota Nice" is really coming through. I only wish it was for something other then this tragedy or any tragedy for that matter. God bless all those wonderful people who have helped out and all those that are and will help out.

My prayers to those that are still awaiting to hear of there loved ones that are still missing. And My prayers to those that are in critical condition and those that lost there lives. :cry:

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