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Just need to say it


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This is something that I have had on my mind and I finally decided to put it into words.

July 20th I captained a Relay for Life team in honor of my mom. I believe in the effort to promote funding and I can't wait for the day there is a cure. There is a great commercial that says "I dream of the day cancer is the little c"

Anyway, I was lucky to win a raffle for dinner for 2 at a local bistro. I won it from the American Cancer Society. I believe the ACS does great things but here is where my frustration comes in.

I pulled out the flyer with page after page talking about different cancers. Then on the last half of a page they listed Lung Cancer. The first line stated that 80% of lung cancers are due to smoking. A few more lines and that was it.

For some reason this really bothers me. We try so hard to get more funding and to get rid of the "stimatism" that comes with LC and there it is in words. That just doesn't help.

I come to this site everyday and read the posts and share hope and faith. We all know how hard we fight this disease and seeing it put in those words just bothered me.

Thanks for letting me vent, I just want more funding and a cure!!!

Prayers go out to you all,


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We hear you, Dana, are are frustrated too! My husband and I used to give GENEROUSLY to ACS, BUT due to just what you are saying, we now give to LUNGEVITY exclusively. No finger pointing there.

Thanks for participating and supporting all with cancer. SOME day LC will receive the respect it (and we ~ those of us afflicted) deserves!!!


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We have been through this before on other posts. For some reason ACS does not recognize LC as being a desease worth giving more than a paragraph too. When in reality LC is the #1 killer of both men and women. :shock:

I don't understand why they have blinders on when it comes to LC. You would think with the publicity about Dana Reeves it would open there eyes just a little. To them it just seems like well you smoke so its on you. Pooey.... 40% of people who come down with LC are former smokers, some who have stopped over 20 years!!

I personally feel much of this is genetic and we need research for that. Its amazing how many people from one family come down with this disease, some non-smokers. My husband who has LC has a father, uncle and aunt who all had LC. My family no Cancer at all, going way back to great grandparents.

I do not support them (ACS) because of this. I am a big supporter of Lungevity, which I hope in the future you join. The proceeds from our walks and merchandise goes directly to reseach for LC.

Take care


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Next month our community will participate in the "Relay for Life" fundraising event. When we moved to NC six years ago, it was THE EVENT in which to participate. I've always taken part. However, this year it will have a whole new meaning to me. I'm trying to get together a group of Lung Cancer awareness supporters to walk together wearing and carrying some type of identification. We need to "Clear" up the issue that NO PERSON DESERVES LUNG CANCER.

I realize that ALL cancers justify backing for financial research. I just wonder WHY the money can't be distributed more equally? Just who are "THEY" who make the distribution decisions? We just need to make more and more noise until someone, somehow listens. OK, sorry, I'll step off my soapbox now. Ellie

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I don't have much to add to the posts above but did want to say that although Relay for Life was a huge event with my company in the last few years, I never had the heart to participate. While I applaud the ACS efforts for their work with other cancers, their unyielding stand of using all lung cancer monies for smoking cessation programs sends me into a rage. I agree that fighting lung cancer is a twofold disease, smoking DOES need to be addressed, but the American Cancer Society needs to understand that people are DYING because of the low funding of lung cancer research. I resent the fact that the ACS is ignoring ME and others like me, who have been diagnosed with the disease of lung cancer and have limited choices for treatment in part because of their "you made your bed, now lie in it", approach.

This always hits such a nerve, I just don't get it, or understand it. Almost 200,000 people a year are being diagnosed newly with lung cancer - how can the ACS not recognize that these people exist and need their help? They are supposed to HELP people with cancer- instead they turn their back on those diagnosed with lung cancer.

Okay, someone take the soapbox... :wink:

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I agree. They consider anyone who ever smoked as a smoking related cancer no matter how long ago you quit. I quit 35 years ago and was labeled a heavy smoker. They say after 15 years of not smoking your lungs return to normal. Someone is lying to us. Some of the people who smoked and got cancer would have got cancer whether they smoked or not. They don’t know how many that might be. It’s like the saying of a friend of mine on the radio, 90% of the people who die have eaten carrots, so if you eat carrots it’s going to kill you. “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” I don't thik smoking is good for you but it's not the only reason one gets lung cancer.

Stay positive, :)


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I participated in a Relay in July and ACS spoke for 10 minutes about how they helped MN pass a law that all public locations/buildings will no longer allow smoking.

I really don't know how much they contributed to the new law, but I sure would like to find out if they played such a role.

Any fellow Minnesotans have any insight on this?

Anyways, even though I believe the ACS is not leading the fight against all cancers - I do believe that the Relays are very inspiring for survivors.

My family has participated yearly for the past 8 years since my fatherinlaw is a 37 year survivor of throat cancer. Seeing all of the survivors circling the track still gives me goose bumps.


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I went to the Greater Springfield area Relay for Life on June 1st of this year. This is the first time I had ever witnessed this event and although I did not go to participate in the relay itself, it touched me to see the survivors on the track as well as the family and friends of those souls who have been taken by cancer of one kind or another. It was an incredible experience even for the hour that I was there.

The REASON I was there was to enroll in the cancer prevention study that the ACS is running. I fit the criteria to participate and felt very strongly that this was something I wanted and needed to do, not only to uphold my promise to Brad but for everyone here as well as all of the other people whose lives have been torn apart by cancers of any type.

I am not defending the ACS for their lack of support for lung cancer. I completely agree with the facts as they have been presented here. I am just pointing out that the ACS, as flawed as they are in some areas, are still there providing some very beneficial programs.

I want to add that while I was doing all of the paperwork that was involved in signing up for this study, I made darn good and sure to tell the folks working in the registration area that I lost my best friend as well as 3 other very close family friends within a years time to LUNG CANCER. I also told them that I am a member of this community and had my LCSC t~shirt on as well.

I guess my biggest hope, wish, dream is just to see and end to ALL forms of cancer so all of the pain and suffering will end for us all.

Just my two cents worth and I hope my words don't offend as they are certainly not meant to. We are all in this fight together.


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I did not know the Armstrong foundation did that ... that, in my opinion, is what needs to be done. CANCER research and CANCER funding split evenly between all types of cancer.

OR, how about let's give the most research dollars to the cancer that is the deadliest and has the highest percentage of deaths associated with it.

My daughter's friend wanted her to walk in the Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure" here in Pittsburgh. The friend's mother had early stage breast cancer and a lumpectomy. It's terrible, but I find myself resenting that ... something like 13K spent every year on research for every BC death and 1K spent for every LC death? Why? Oh, that's right. Alot of lung cancer sufferers smoked. Well I read one time that if you breast fed, you have a higher chance of developing breast cancer. Should we ask women that if they are diagnosed with BC ... "oh, how many kids did you breastfeed".

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Percentages can get confusing. For example, only 20% of smokers will get lung cancer, but roughly 80% of lung cancer is linked to smoking.

Unless you really pay attention, you could get lost in that statement alone!

If the lack of information is really bugging you, how about wrintig the ACS where you did your Relay for life, along with the National ACS office. Ask if the would include mor information about the preponderance of women and lung cancer, and include all relevant information to dispel the notion that it's ONLY about smoking.

Good luck,


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I too find myself resenting the whole "pink" thing on occasion. But the truth is, all cancer research is valuable research. Who knows, treatments or advancements relating to the cure of breast cancer may also one day prove to be beneficial for those with other types of cancer... including lung cancer.

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SOmetimes I have to wonder if the Susan G Komen people have lost their way with all the marketing they do.. I can buy a car or even test drive a BMW to raise money for them. every other product on the shelves sometimes seems to go to Susan G Komen. Oh and My Grandmother died of Breast cancer but my late wife died of Lung Cancer...

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We have the CCS here in Canada.

A few years back, Mike had

just learned he had lc.

I already had cancer bc, so

we always gave to the cancer

cause.......this time was


CELINE DION and he bearded husband

had given to the CCS an amount

to be divided between the breast

cancer and ovarian cancer...........

and the letter asked us to give as

generously as Celene and her husband


Got burned by it and applied the

rule of statistics with them,

the revenue of Celine Dion, the

amount they gave and PROUDLY

compared our revenue to do our

share, so

sent them a PENNY and asked for a receipt.

Got a letter from the CCS statimg that

their drive naming Celine Dion as example

for generosity..........was not working

they way they hoped for.........

Now I give directly to a center that help

lc patients. ''Maison Aube Lumiere''


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Thank you Kasey, Ry

I'm now a full member of the

''Little brothers, friends of the Elderly''

and getting the gang from Sherbrooke in

many mischiefs, it is like a new lease

on life for me.

With Mike I lost so much of my zest

for life and I'm just finding it back

after nearly four years.

Could say that this forum helped me so

much when I was all alone after Mike

died and I had nowhere to turn to, it

was like a beacon shining in the storm

and giving me direction to get somewhere


That is why you still see me around.

Love all


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I just agreed to become an anti-smoking ambassador for the ACS. I thought long and hard about it before I agreed to do it because I also don't like the way they seem to link LC and smoking as if it is the only cause of LC. But here is why I decided to do it. Smoking is unhealthy any way you look at it. The less smokers there are the better off we all will be for a variety of reasons. Plus, every time I get to speak to a legislator or a group I can make my plug for research funds for lung cancer.


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