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Tom K

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I had a PET and a CT on Friday and I saw the Oncologist today. There is no evidence of cancer anywhere in my body. The bulge in my left rib cage is “a bulge on your left rib”. Don’t know what it is, but most likely it is a result of shifting that occurs as we age and/or the cavity created by surgery. Since it does not hurt, is not causiong any problems, is not obvious to the eye, is not cancer and is not growing, we decided to just leave it alone. Up until recently, my Onc has been scheduling scans or x-rays every 2 months. Today, he told me we could go to a 3 month schedule. Thank you all for the prayers and support.

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You SO deserved this news, Tom. If it hadn't been good I would have been on my way to Florida to doctor the scans myself until they were clear :wink: ! Isn't it funny ~ well not THAT kind of funny ~ that a bulge can simply be a bulge???? Remember when we would have never given something like that a second thought? Reminds of that joke.....a guy goes to the doctor and says.....my arm hurts when I do this (and he does something with the arm). The doctor says.....well, don't DO that :roll::?:shock: !!!!

Your family remains in our prayers in this household. Your grief is not forgotten. Thank you for being the guy you are.


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Tom I have been waiting to read this post. I am so happy for you and for your wife. I know this is certainly a relief to her as well as for yourself. You have both been through so much. You deserve good news. Prayers.


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