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No Bone Mets for Harry


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We were so happy to learn that the cancer hasn't spread to his bones . My Christmas wish was granted this year!

He has to have a CT scan done on the 7th of January, because the pain he's having in his ribs, is the exact same pain he had when first diagnosed. They don't know if the main tumor has grown, or a new small one has formed, but something's causing the pain, so they're looking into it.

Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts.


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i too had been waiting to hear, especially spending the last few days thinking my sister had bone mets. but her PET was clean for the bones so we are confident she is fine. and i'm so glad to hear your results were great too! i plan on really enjoying this Christmas, as this was my wish too. i hope you enjoy yours as well!

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Thanks for sharing our happiness.

I'm sure the good results were caused by all of the positive thoughts and prayers that were being sent up for Harry! :wink:

He now brags that he has an empty head, and naked bones! :D

Now to find out what is causing the continued pain.?.. The saga continues, but not until AFTER Christmas, when he gets his CT scan in January.

Thanks everyone.

Merry Christmas.

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