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It's Eleven Years today!!

Donna G

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Today, December 3, 2008 it is officially 11 years since the doctor said " I am sorry to tell you but YOU HAVE LUNG CANCER".

Here I am 11 years later still friends with NED. No Evidence of Disease.


Lots to be thankful for.

Donna G

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Oh Yeah!!! That's amazing!!! You have certainly got me motivated now!!


God BLess!!


We should come up with cyber anniversary gifts for each year of survival!!

What do you think?

11 would be a big gift!!

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You are my HERO, Donna!!!!! You are also my friend! You have been my inspiration since DAY 1 here at LCSC. The hope and support you've offered me these past 4 years have gotten me through some very dark days.

Congtarulations, Donna. Some day I will get to say those wrods in person and give you an in person ((((hug))) ~ not just a cyber one.

With love and friendship,


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Donna, I saw your name next to "It's Eleven Years today" as I was working my way down the "Post since your last visit" list and could hardly wait to get here. Congratulations! You are indeed an inspiration. I like Linda's pied piper angle. I'll follow you and NED anywhere!

Judy in Key West

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