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Surviving lung cancer


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My initial diagnosis in September, 2017, was Stage IB. After surgery February 16, 2018, the diagnosis is T2N2MO, Stage IIIa, non small cell, adenocarcinoma. My top right lobe was removed, along with 13 lymph nodes- 4 were cancerous. They can not see any more cancer, but with Stage III, they want to do chemo (carboplatin and altima) to start in about 4 weeks.

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Hi Kimi, I live in Scotland and in my experience staging of lung cancer is not something my oncologist included in any discussions we had throughout the duration of my treatments.I assume my experience is typical in Scotland of all lung cancer patients,that we dont obsess over staging,lets focus instead on the treatment plan devised by our mutli-disciplinary medical team as the tailor made route for your best outcome.I have however surmised from reading up on lung cancer that my staging would have been 2A ?.I was dxd in Oct 2008 with a tumour that blocked the airway into my upper right lung causing it to deflate.My dx was squamous NSCLC.I received neo-adjuvant chemo consisting of cisplatin and vinorobine,which if successful would shrink my tumour to allow for surgery.The chemo was indeed successful and I had my surgery, a upper right lobectomy in Jan 2009.I have since receive no further treatments,I did have six monthly check ups for the next five years.Unlike the USA follow up check ups do not include CT scans but simply a x-ray and a chest examination .In my last check up 5 years down the line my doc (the very one who pronounced my cancer 5 years previous) said to me,quote "Eric,I am happy to report to you following all test returns,there is no evidence of any cancer in your body,I would go as far to say with confidence,you are cured,now go away,I do not expect to see you again in the future.We shook hands and parted as friends.I wish you Kimi the very best in sharing my outcome.

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