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Rower Michelle

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To all my Lungevity Family, 

Thank you for the continued prayers and support!  We are very blessed with another round of stable scans.  The oncologist said he was very pleased with the results thus far after 18 months on targeted therapy.   We're going to start spacing out the scans to about every 4 months.   I've got labs again in two months to reassess.  I wish I could say I'm breathing a sigh of relief, but you guys know how it goes.  Takes a while to come back down from the scanziety.   It's going to be a glorious summer!  


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I well remember my step down in scans from every other month to one every four months. It was a big deal. Just think, you’ve got the whole summer to enjoy without a hint of Scanziety! Go make it so!

Stay the course. 


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I'm so very happy for your stable scan report!! I'm jumping for joy!!

Such wonderful news! Fantastic that there is targeted therapy for you and that it's working!!




xoxox, Ro

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Hi Michelle,

I'm so far behind in the forum, but I'm glad to hear that your scans were stable.  Have a great summer (if you're ever allowed to go out).


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