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Hello My Brothers & Sisters,

This past weekend my son Randy and I went to a religious retreat at St Joseph in the hills in Malvern Pa. This is a retreat for men. This was my eighth year and my sons first. My son (pictured with me) was amazing. He got everything you could possibly get from the retreat. While we were there we bought five candles and went down to the grotto of the blessed mother and I light 1 for my mother 1 for my father 1 for my wife’s girlfriend sister and one for all of my brothers and sisters fighting lung cancer. My son light one for his close friend who died in a fire this past fall. I just want everyone to know I prayed and prayed for all here. There is a time during the weekend they call private adoration.

This is when you go into a room with God and pray. 75% of my time was spent thanking God by helping me fight this monster. The rest of the time I asked God To help our doctors to find a cure. I just want every one to know you were all prayed for very hard this last weekend.

God Bless Everyone!!!

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Guest Karen C

Ray - that is AWESOME! and I have to say that remission is treating you well, you look terrific!

Like Dave and I like to say, God cannot answer the prayers he can't hear. I'm sure he heard all of yours.

thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us. I wish all parents were as wonderful and sharing with their children as you are. Your son is going to be quite a man because he has a dad like you.

God Bless,

Karen C.

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The spirit of your post was wonderful. The emotions of your retreat were reflected in your message. Thank you for caring for us and blessings to you for being a devoted father. You and your son and family are are deservedly fortunate in each other.

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Wow - how wonderful that you got to share such a great weekend with your son - and God. And congrats to you on raising a child that can comprehend how important his time is with you AND God.

(He's a nice lookin' kid, too....but we can see where he gets that!)

Thanks for thinking of all of us!

Hugs and prayers,


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What an incredible experience to share with your son.

They say the best thing you can give somebody is a memory that they will have 10, 20,30 years from now. You have given your son a memory like that.

Thank you for your prayers, Ray. I been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing.

CathyR :D

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Thank you for thinking of us and remembering us in prayer. A couple of weeks ago, my husband and children went to a youth worship.......22,000 young people. It was awsome!! It was not as quiet and serene as your retreat sounds.........There was contemporary christian music, motivational youth speakers, and youth pastors. But anytime that I see 22,000 young people praising God together, it warms my heart!! Glad you and your son were able to spend this time together.


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