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Lucie's Good Scans

Don Wood

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Well, we had to wait from Tuesday until today (Friday) to get the report on Lucie's CAT scans. This is unusual for her onc. Anyways, pop the champagne corks! Her brain and her chest are clear! This means the onc gives his blessing for our trip to Scotland at the end of May. Oh, happy day! Do a little dance! Sing a little song! Get down tonight! Don

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Whoooo Hhhhoooo!!! I'm dancin' that Happy Dance, I'm dancin' that hippity hoppitty grand ol Happy Dance for Don and Lucie! (this is prior to inserting my body in their Scotland bound luggage) Prayers of thankfulness going up for wonderful clean scans.



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Darn you Tiny, you beat me on the kilt picture, but maybe we can get pictures of Don and Lucie in matching tams.

Lucie, we are SO happy for you. This is just the absolutely best news. We will miss Don and his Lucie updates during your trip but we hope you have a wonderful trip full of good food, good laughs and good memories. Maybe a couple of fingers of good single malt scotch too.


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Darn, and me with no cork to pop! Ok, I am raising my Rolling Rock Green Light that I shouldn't be drinking in the first place to Lucie. Let me turn and face Texas.

Ok Lucie, here' s lookin' at ya! Congratulations!!!


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