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dads in hospital.


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my dad is in the hospital, but NOT for cancer.

we had plans to go shopping Saturday. He was not feeling awful for once.

it started because all me and my big mouth would not shut up about wanting to get 2 wooden adirondack chairs. its something I have wanted for a very long time.

so I guess my dad (who is a carpenter) didn't feel awful for once, so he decided as a gift to me he was going to TRY to build and finish these two chairs.

well saturday morning we were going to go shopping at 10 and I called to make sure he was ready. His neighbor answered and said an ambulance was at the house. I panicked and flew the 9 blocks to his house.

He had severed his fingers almost clean off on a table saw. They were severed through the nerves and he had cliced through the bone on 3 fingers of his dominant hand. He had surgery on Saturday afternoon and they have attached what they could. His is going to stay in for a few days on IV antiobiotics because of being a cancer patient and he immune system being compromised they said if he develops a bone infection he could die from that if its not watched.

so he is in ALLOT of pain and he is very very upset and looked AWFUL today. he would not eat and he had a 99.9 degree temp. So I am very nervous.

The surgeon will be in again tomm. to check the wounds and re-wrap the area.

Gosh I was so up on Thursday and Friday with my husbands non-life threatening condition and BAMM I just got slapped in the face right back down again.

so living at the hospital for a few days.

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My gosh, Shellie -

You and your family just can't seem to catch a break. You must be ssooo tired of hospitals!

Sure hoping for a good recovery from this for your Dad. Oh, how scary. My husband was a contractor, and loved wood working. I still have a garage full of saws and other power tools. I've unplugged all of them now, so we won't have anybody turn them on accidentally.

My husband would definitely, beyond doubt, have done the same as your Dad did. If somebody he loves wants it, by gosh, he can build it. And buying one is just not the same to them.

It's an unfortunate accident, but it comes from trying to live life as normally as possible, and that is, after all, what we want for them. The accident may very well have happened regardless of what kind of health he was in, but I know it makes your concern that much more because of his compromised immune system.

((((Shellie and Shellie's Dad)))) and prayers for a quick recovery.


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Shelly, I literally gasped and put my hand over my mouth when I read your post. OH MY GOSH!!! How horrible that must have been, and still must be for your dad. I just can't even imagine. As if he hasn't been through enough already. Geez-o-Pete - I just don't know what else to say. WHAT ABOUT YOU? Oh my dear, Shelly, I pray that you are holding up ok through this. Wow - I'm just speechless.

Hang in there, kiddo!



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shelly, your dad is wonderful. even he is a cancer patient, he still loves you with all his best and all his efforts. I know how sad you are feeling but dont blame yourself or feel guilty because he chose to make them for you. Try to reassure and comfort him because I think he may be unhappy for he now is unable to do any wood-work as before.

I will pray for your dear dad.

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Oh Shelly-How awful. I was working one day when a man and his son came into the ER and his hand was wrapped in a blood soaked towel. He too had cut off a few fingers and part of the hand. He did not seem to be in a lot of pain, I suppose he was in shock. Your dad was doing what dad's do. Giving to their children. Prayers are with you and him.

Love Cindy

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Sorry about your father, but father or any man try

to do the best they can for their family and accident

will happen, worst is the fragile immune system.

He was only trying to surprise you with the chairs,

he did surprise you, but the wrong way.

Prayers going for fast and good healing.



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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

It sounds like your dad is a proud man who needed to feel he was contributing. You really can't stop a man like that. But then whamo. The unpredictable happened. I feel horrible about what you and your dad are going through. But, listen, you're dad is not going to develop a bone infection if I have anything to say about it. I'm gonna overload all the spirits with prayers and send out a wee bit of magic. Now, you take care, okay? You're just one human bearing a heavy load. Shelly, the spirits expect you to be wise enough to take a little time for yourself. Please do.

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I'm sorry your dad got himself hurt.

Give him credit for trying to give you a gift of himself, of love.

I feel badly that you have this added stress....

Prayers for your dad, that he doesnt' develop an infection and that he retains maximum use of his digits. Gosh the PT for that is going to be fun!



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What can I say? Your poor father -- and what a fright for you, on top of everything else. I will keep him in my prayers, and I do hope his pain goes away quickly and that all goes well with recovery from this. Hang in there, Shelly.


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I hope all's well with your dad today....if he's anything like MY dad, he's giving himself hell for being a "clutz"...and if he's like my dad, avoid the pity, it'll just p*ss him off more... :roll: (MEN!)

Take some deep breaths and work through this, it will be okay in the end. He may even learn to play the piano as PT! Ahhhhh...the sweet sounds of "Chopsticks".... :wink:

Take care!


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