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Guest Phyllis

Hey I was just going to ask how you were doing. You probably just got yourself run down like me and need to slow down a little. Get well soon! You are my rock.

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Oh, Shoog!

Hope you're out and on your feet soon! (NOT sneaking out in the fashionable hospital gown with your fanny hanging out - I KNOW you have friends in the hospital with your sweet personality that'll help you however they can!)

Take care, try to view it as a "vacation" - Club Med! Wish I had some strings to pull to get you a Cabana boy with a fruity beverage with umbrella...

Good thoughts for you!


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Well, I must be quacking up. I just posted here but nothing came through. Who knows what happened?

I posted that I had just answered MO in another topic, not realizing she was in the hospital. I have been reading lately and am behind. Please tell MO that I am praying for her and wishing for the best for her.


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