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Pray for mom please


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Please pray for my mom. She had a MRI today because she has begun having pretty bad headaches. She has just gone on decadron. She has brain mets and whole brain radiation that finished about 2 months ago.

Thank you,


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Thoughts and prayers for your mom. Sorry to hear she is having headaches. You said she just went onto the Decadron. How much is she taking daily? I have been on it since February. Started at 2mg, went down to 1mg, this is per day. When I had surgery on April 6th for brain met nuerosurgeon boosted to 6mg per day for 2 days, then back down to 1mg per day. I went off of it too fast after release from hospital, not supposed to do that. It is supposed to be gradual. I didn't get the headaches, but a friend of mine just went on Decadron, 12mg per day and is having bad headaches. It is wicked stuff. I refused high dose because of what I read on this board. I would rather start low on meds and if needed increase not try and come down from the meds. I am very sensitive to any medicine. I don't want a toxic reaction. I never take meds. You can PM me if you want...

God bless and prayers,


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Thanks for the prayers everybody, mom woke up without a headache today Thank God!

I have some info for everybody as well we saw a Dr. Chang at Meridian Medical on Wednesday. He was recommended to me by another forumite and I have to say I was impressed (which is rare for me). He believes in throwing multiple agents at the cancer in order to slow it down and work in conjunction with mainstream stuff. He is a big believer in Celebrex which he thinks will be a mainstream treatment soon. He also prescribed Viaxin which is an antibiotic that is used in to slow tumor growth that they are studying in Japan. He showed me some clinical data on it that was very interesting basically the people who were on it lived twice as long as the people who were not. I will track it down and post it in the new treatment section. He also uses TM to reduce copper and a bunch of other stuff as well. We have another appointment next Wed to kick off a new protocol for mom. Philosophically I agree totally with his approach, he also did a good job of explaining things to mom, not only about his treatments but about the mainstream stuff as well. All his treatments are based in good science as well. I will of course keep everybody posted as we go through it.



We are all doing very well and I truly feel are very blessed. Melinda has been MIA as she has been finishing up school (she teaches 5th grade) which is always stressful for her. She is also not teaching there next year which has been very emotional. All the kids love her and when she broke the news that she was not returning pretty much the entire school broke into tears, it was a mess. School is now over and she is spending some time with her mom getting some well deserved rest.

Thank you all again as I really believe that prayers are the most important part of any treatment.

God bless,


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