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There has been entirely to much negativity here lately. We are here to help each other not to beliddle or put each other down. I am not a moderater or trying to be one. I know all too well that medicine can do funny thing to us. We have lost several good members lately to this disease. That is heartbreaking enough. I spent nearly 4 hours last night looking through older posts (mostly in the Welcome Newcomers Forum). There is more love and compassion on this board than anywhere on earth. Let's try not to lamblast others if we get a "chip" on our shoulder. Let's try to help each other to the "Finish Line". Some have already reached that line while others are still in the race. If you see someone falling by the wayside, stop and try to help them to their feet. Once you get them on their feet, give them one of your crutches, if they need it, so they can finish the race. Sorry if I stepped on anyones toes. I did not plan on writing this but had planned on posting a poem.

Here is a poem that I have had since High School. I know I have posted it before and I have PM it to others. But for those of you who have not saw it well ...hope you enjoy it.


Today is here. I will start it with a smile and resolve to be agreeable. I will not criticize. I refuse to waste my valuable time.

Today has one thing in which I know I am equal with others ... time.

All of us get the same salary in seconds, minutes and hours ... but not days.

Today I will not waste time. I know the minutes I wasted yesterday are as lost as a vanished thought.

Today I refuse to spend time worrying about what might happen. I am going to spend my time making things happen.

Today I am determined to do the things I should do. I firmly determine to stop doing the things I should not do.

Today I will begin by doing and not wasting my time. In just one week I will be miles beyond the person I am today.

Today I will not imagine what I would do if things were different. I will make success with what material I have.

Today I will stop saying “ If I had time, for I will never find time.’’ If I want it I must take it.

Today I will act toward other people as though this might be the last day on earth. I will not wait for tomorrow. TOMORROW NEVER COMES

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I also have been away much more than normally and have no idea what is happening on the board. What I DO know is that Bruce is absolutly correct!! I come here to help others and to ask for support should I need it and for no other reason, if there is negativity here again I for one am glad I missed it!! Let's get together friends and family and love eachother as we wish to be loved . It sure makes for a better world!!

BTW Thanks Bruce for putting everyones thinking caps on straight again!!

God Bless Us All,


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What a great message for us all -- Thank you! I agree it's been a rough few days here. Two things matter most to me:

1) Several people have been hurt (on both sides of several issues) and that hurts us all. I'm sure no one set out to hurt anyone intentionally, but it happens. Even if we don't think we've said anything wrong, sometimes it helps just to say, "I didn't mean to hurt you and I'm sorry if I did." This doesn't mean we think we've said or felt or done anything wrong -- just that we didn't mean to hurt anyone (which I sure hope is true for us all!), and that we're sorry if feelings were hurt. That makes it easier to "agree to disagree" and move on. (If anyone DID mean to hurt someone, it's time for a break, and everyone will understand!)

2) A couple of newer people have said they don't feel this is a very supportive place to come, and they hesitate to post messages. This is not like us, folks! Like Bruce and others have said, this is normally a VERY supportive place to be. If we are putting our energies into disagreements of any kind, that's energy that's not being spent helping new people who desperately need our support.

I'm not taking sides, nor am I being critical of anyone -- So you can all just think I agree with you - ha! 8) I'm just truly sorry that feelings have been hurt and people have felt belittled, and wish it would never happen to any of us -- especially those who are fighting this disease and those who love them.

I hope the newer folks will stick with us long enough to see that yes, we do get over things like this and we're here for each other, no matter what. I think you'll notice that even some of the folks who have felt targeted have reached out and been understanding to "the other side." There is a lot of love here, and only a little conflict now and then, which I guess is the human condition, especially when folks are going through unbearable tensions and illness. We'll get through it!

I love the "Today" poem, and am going to post it on my bulletin board as a good reminder for life. Thanks again, Bruce!

As TBone said,

Praying for us all,


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That was very well said. I loved the poem. I come often and try to read many posts but I guess I have missed most of the negativity that seems to be causing problems on the board. I hope that what I say is a help to those it is written to and maybe those who browse. I am not all that wise and usually don't have new information for most of my posts but I do care about each and everyone on this board. I hope those that find they have a need to leave for a while will come back soon. We need all of us in this fight...the more positive energy we can muster the better.

I know that some are under much more stress than others and when they explode we have to understand that they are sharing their hearts and souls with us and be glad that they feel comfortable enough to do it here. I see this as the place for just that....we are friends here...loving, caring, and forgiving friends. I hope we all stick together through thick and thin. I have been very sad these last few weeks...too many of us are now gone. Like Bruce said, lets all make the most of each day.


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